Mario artwork
Sex: Male
Class: Warrior
Color: Red
Debut: Donkey Kong
Arcades, 1981
Voice Actor: Charles Martinez

Mario is the main and titular protagonist of the Super Mario franchise. He appears as a playable character in Mario Squad Takedown Online as a Warrior.

Character DescriptionEdit

Mario grew up in the city of Brooklyn, New York, employed as a plumber alongside his younger brother Luigi. During one odd plumbing job, the brothers discovered a warp pipe that brought them into the Mushroom Kingdom, where they got mixed up in the rescuing of a princess and defeating the villainous tyrant Bowser, a task that made him the Mushroom Kingdom's hero.


HP Attack Defense Speed
100 70 86 65


Basic AttackEdit

Mario's basic attack is a simple combo of punches and kicks.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Ability Description
Flaming Fireball Mario's first ability. Mario creates a larger fireball in his hands and launches it in the direction it is facing. Deals 35 damage to enemy characters and troops and deals fire damage. After use it takes 8 seconds to recharge.
Fiery Fists Mario's second ability. Mario lights his fists on fire, making his basic attacks deal 15% more damage as well as fire damage. After use it takes 16 seconds to recharge.
Warp Pipe Mario's third ability. Mario is able to create a Warp Pipe beneath him and another one within ten feet of him, which he can use to escape conflict or enter it. Deals no damage. After use it takes 24 seconds to recharge.
Super Mario! Mario's ultimate ability. Mario gains a cape feather, equipping him with a cape. While wearing the cape, Mario's speed and attack power are boosted by 50%. After use it takes 120 seconds to recharge.

Voice LinesEdit

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