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Mario Kart: Double Dash 2!! is a upcoming game for the J-STORM.



  • Toad (Partner: Koopa Troopa)
  • Koopa Troopa (Partner: Toad)

  • Mario (Partner: Luigi)
  • Luigi (Partner: Mario)
  • Peach (Partner: Daisy)
  • Daisy (Partner: Peach)
  • Yoshi (Partner: Donkey Kong)

  • Donkey Kong (Partner: Yoshi)
  • Wario (Partner: Waluigi)
  • Waluigi (Partner: Wario)


  • Shy Guy (Partner: Lakitu)
  • Lakitu (Partner: Shy Guy)
  • Spike (Partner: Rosalina)
  • Kamek (Partner: Bowser)
  • Nabbit (Partner: Plessie)

  • Dr. Mario (Partner: E. Gadd)
  • Mii (Partner: Any)

  • Bowser (Partner: Kamek)
  • Rosalina (Partner: Spike)
  • Plessie (Partner: Nabbit)
  • Proferssor E. Gadd (Partner: Dr. Mario)


Unlike other Mario Kart titles, the Retro Grand Prix features courses that have already used.

  • Shell Cup:
    • 3DS Mario Circuit
    • GBA Cheese Land
    • GCN Dry Dry Desert
    • Wii Toad's Factory
  • Banana Cup:
    • DS Mario Circuit
    • Wii Dry Dry Ruins
    • N64 Royal Raceway
    • 3DS Piranha Plant Slide
  • Leaf Cup:
    • Wii Daisy Circuit
    • N64 Toad's Turnpike
    • 3DS Rosalina's Ice World
    • GCN Mushroom City
  • Lightning Cup:
    • GCN Wario Colosseum
    • GBA Ribbon Road
    • DS Bowser's Castle
    • DS Rainbow Road