Mario Kart: Mega Mash-Up
The Global Box-Art
Developer Potter Games
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Woo
Genre Racing
Release NA November 30, 2013,
PAL November 30, 2013,
JPN December 5, 2013
Modes 1-4 players (Main Game)
1-10 players (Online)
Media Optical Disc
MKMMU is a new game in the Mario Kart series, released for the Woo. Like all Mario Kart games, Mario Kart: Mega Mash-Up introduces new characters, new game modes, new tracks and other new features as well as using some older tracks, etc.

LakituRed GameplayEdit

Game ModesEdit

  • Grand Prix ~ 1 player only
In this mode, the player races against nine other CPU players in a quest to finish in first. There are nine cups to choose from, ranging from the most to the least difficult. Drivers earn points by placing within ten positions. A driver with the most points at the end of the four races wins the gold cup, second wins the silver cup, etc. The driver will also be awarded a grade (A, B, C, D, E & F) for their racing performance at the end of the Grand Prix.
  • Time Trials ~ 1-2 players
Driver 1 races on a selected course, then Driver 2 (if there is a 2nd player) races on the same course. The fastest record is recorded and then is also able to be raced again as a ghost. Drivers can also race staff records, or Regional Records/Race Superstars and World Records/Race Superstars and Friend Records (Wi-Fi required)
  • 1-on-1 ~ 1-2 players
Two Drivers race on a course in a head-to-head competition to see who is the "King of the Course". You can choose any course and character that you have unlocked. All items appear however, items like the Red Shell, Banana Peel, Syrup Catapult are much more likely to appear than items like the Lightning Bolt and Bullet Bill.
  • Battle Mode ~ 1-4 players
Drivers can either-
  • Team up with each other (two teams of five)
  • Work individually
-in a battle for the most points. Their are ten competitors in total. Items only work against the opposite team, and have no effect on the team that use them, if selected. The player can only select the Standard Kart or Bike. There are four ways to battle:
  • Balloon Battle - Normal: All drivers get three balloons and must use the items to hit the opponents to pop their balloons and get one point for every hit. If drivers lose all of their balloons, one point is deducted and remain out for a few seconds to be brought back to the battle with three balloons once more.
  • Balloon Battle - Survival: All drivers get three balloons and must use the items to hit the opponents to pop their balloons and get one point for every hit. If drivers lose all of their balloons, they remain out until the next round.
  • Coin Runners - Normal: The goal for drivers is to obtain as many coins as they can. In the top right corner of the screen, the score shows, which are the coins obtained altogether for each team (only in Team Mode). If drivers hit opponents, opponents drop some of their coins. The certain amount of coins dropped depends on the item that hits the player, and the amount of coins that the player has already gathered. In Team Mode, the totals are added up and the team with the most points wins the round.
  • Coin Runners - Survival: The goal for drivers is to obtain as many coins as they can. It is exactly the same as the normal version except, after every minute, the drivers with no coins (or if not applicable, then the drivers with the lowest amount of coins) then are eliminated and don't return until the next round.
Note: If you get eliminated, you then become invisible and can place item boxes around the stage.
  • VS Mode ~ 1-4 players
Drivers can race to their own custom settings, including difficulty of the CPUs; course selection; and amount of races, but it is otherwise relatively the same to Grand Prix. The driver may choose a Solo Race, where they try to win for themselves, or Team Race, where two teams, red and blue, try to win for the team in order to gather the most points and beat the other team in total.
  • Online ~ 1-4 players maximum per Wii (with a maximum of ten in one online race or battle in total)
Drivers have the ability to go online and play against real people around the world. They have the choice of competing against friends, people in their country, people in their continent, and people anywhere in the world. Then, you can choose either VS Race or Battle. The settings are either always the same, like items are always on recommended, however other settings are random, like whether you play 50cc, 100cc, 150cc or Mirror. You can then choose your character, kart and then vote for a track/battle stage, one track/battle stage is then randomly picked and you then race/battle.

Wii Wheel ControlsEdit


Controllers compatible with Mario Kart: Mega Mash-Up

Wii RemoteEdit

These are controls for the Wii Remote:

  • Wii-+ ~ Go to Pause Menu (only when playing)
  • Wii-- ~ N/A
  • Wii-A ~ Select/Look Behind (only when playing)
  • Wii-B ~ Go back/Use Item (only when playing)
  • Wii-dpad ~ Direct Item (only when playing)
  • Wii-H ~ Go to Wii Home Menu
  • Wii-1 ~ Go back/Brake & Reverse (only when playing)
  • Wii-2 ~ Select/Accelerate (only when playing)
  • Tilt to steer


  • Wii-C ~ Look behind (only when playing)
  • Wii-Z ~ Accelerate (only when playing)
  • Wii-ControlStick ~ Steer (only when playing)

Wii Classic ControllerEdit

  • WCC-A ~ Select/Accelerate (only when playing)
  • WCC-B ~ Go back/Brake (only when playing)
  • WCC-X ~ Use Item (only when playing)
  • WCC-Y ~ Use Item (only when playing)
  • Wii-dpad ~ Direct Item (only when playing)
  • WCC-LC ~ Steer (only when playing)
  • WCC-RC ~ N/A
  • WCC-L ~ Drift (only when playing)
  • WCC-R ~ Drift (only when playing)
  • WCC-LZ ~ Look Behind (only when playing)
  • WCC-RZ ~ Look Behind (only when playing)
  • Wii-+ ~ Go to Pause Menu (only when playing)
  • Wii-- ~ N/A
  • Wii-H ~ Go to Wii Home Menu

GameCube ControllerEdit

  • GCN-P ~ Steer
  • GCN-D ~ Direct Item (Only when playing)
  • GCN-S ~ Go to Pause Menu
  • GCN-C ~ N/A
  • GCN-B ~ Go back/Brake and Reverse (Only when playing)
  • GCN-A ~ Select/Accelerate (Only when playing)
  • GCN-Y ~ Go back/Use Item (Only when playing)
  • GCN-X ~ Select/Use Item (Only when playing)
  • GCN-Z ~ Look Behind (Only when playing)
  • GCN-L ~ Drift (Only when playing)
  • GCN-R ~ Drift (Only when playing)

Cup Icon CupsEdit

There are four levels of difficulty: 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, Mirror.

Cup Name Cup Icon How to Unlock Tracks
Mushroom Cup Mushroom Default Cup Luigi Circuit (WII)
Baby Park (NGC)
Wild West Weaver (NEW)
Yoshi Falls (DS)
Flower Cup Flower Default Cup Mario Circuit 3 (SNES)
Goomba Beach (NEW)
Coconut Mall (WII)
Peach Gardens (DS)
Thundercloud Cup Thundercloud Default Cup DK's Jungle Parkway (N64)
Maple Treeway (WII)
DK Mountain (NGC)
R.O.B's Computer (NEW)
Shell Cup Shell Come 1st-3rd in Mushroom Cup Mario Circuit 5 (NEW)
Choco Mountain (N64)
Bowser Castle 2 (SNES)
Koopa Cape (WII)
Star Cup Star Come 1st-3rd in Flower Cup Toad's Factory (WII)
Walugi Stadium (NGC)
Ghost Valley 2 (SNES)
Good Egg Galaxy (NEW)
Banana Cup Banana Come 1st-3rd in Thundercloud Cup Peach Beach (NGC)
Yoshi Circuit (NGC)
Shy Guy Beach (GBA)
Delfino Square (NDS)
Bob-omb Bob-omb Come 1st-3rd in Shell Cup or Star Cup Tick Tock Clock (NDS)
Airship Fortress (NDS)
Roller Coaster Rampage (NEW)
Wario's Gold Mine (WII)
Lightning Cup Lightning Come 1st-3rd in Star Cup or Banana Cup Sky Gardens (GBA)
Daisy Cruiser (NDS)
Grumble Volcano (WII)
The City (NEW)
Special Cup Special Come 1st-3rd in all Cups in selected difficulty Dry Dry Ruins (WII)
Bowser's Castle (GCN)
Vanilla Lake 2 (SNES)
Rainbow Road (NEW)

Mario Head CharactersEdit

Default CharactersEdit

Name Image Kart Size How to Unlock
Bowser Bowser Large Default
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Large Default
Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopa Small Default
Luigi Luigi Medium Default
Mario Mario Medium Default
Noki Noki Small Default
Peach Peach Medium Default
Rosalina Rosalina SM3DW Large Default
Toad Toad Small Default
Toadsworth Toadsworth Small Default
Wario WarioMPDS Large Default
Yoshi YoshiFortuneStreet Medium Default

Unlockable CharactersEdit

Name Image Kart Size How To Unlock
Ballyhoo Ballyhoo Small 4 Staff Ghost Times Beaten
Birdo Birdo Medium Get B-A on four 100cc Cups
Bowser Jr. BowserJr Medium Get Gold on Mirror Bob-omb Cup
Daisy Blossom Medium Get Gold on 150cc Banana Cup
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong Medium 8 Staff Ghost Times Beaten
Dry Bones Dry Bones Small Get Gold on 100cc Banana Cup
King Boo King Boo Large 24 Staff Ghost Times Beaten
King Goomba Goomboss1 Large Get Gold on 150cc Shell Cup
Mii MiiBoyMiiGal Various Complete a Time Trial on every course
Paratroopa Para Small Complete a Time Trial on 16 different courses
Pianta Pianta Large Get Gold on 50cc Banana Cup
Professor Elvin Gadd Prof. Gadd Small Get Gold on 50cc Lightning Cup
R.O.B. ROB Large Get Gold on 100cc Bob-omb Cup
Shy Guy Shy Guy Medium Get Gold on 100cc Lightning Cup
Toadette Girly Small Get Gold on 50cc Star Cup
Waluigi WaluigiMP8 Large Get Gold on Mirror Shell Cup

Other CharactersEdit

Name Image Role Appearances
Lakitu Lakitu Race/Battle Referee At the beginning and end of all Races & Battles, and then again at all Award Ceremonies

Ghost Tracks, Stages & GhostsEdit


(Note: You do three laps on all tracks except from Baby Park where you do seven)

Name Course Map Cup Description
Airship Fortress (NDS) Airship Fortress Bob-omb Airship Fortress is a course based in a fortress that's in disrepair, floating in the gloomy sky and in an airship that has docked as well. There are various obstacles including Bullet Bill Canons and Monty Moles.
Baby Park (NGC) Baby Park Mushroom Baby Park is the simplest track in the game. It is oval shaped and is based in an Amusement Park, the most noticeable ride being the roller-coaster weaving around the course. There are no track hazards but lots of Item Boxes lying around to spruce things up.
Bowser's Castle (GCN) Bowser's Castle Special Bowser's Castle is a race course based in the castle itself owned by Bowser and the surround area. Bowser's castle is full of Thwomps and other monsters set to mess things up as well as multiple lava patches and fireballs to avoid.
Bowser Castle 2 (GBA) Bowser Castle 2 Shell Bowser Castle 2 features all the elements typical of a Bowser Castle course. These include Thwomps, Jumps and Lava pools. Characteristic of this track are the forks, were the player can choose one way to go. These offer racers the choice to use a Boost Pad or get a Item.
Choco Mountain (N64) Choco Mountain Shell Choco Mountain is a mountainous course which travels up and down the well-known chocolate sides of this great mountain. Look out for any signs warning about rockfalls and other dangers, chocolate's really heavy!
Coconut Mall (WII) Coconut Mall Flower Coconut Mall is a shopping centre/mall, located on Isle Delfino. The course is going through the Mall and then through the car parks and back round to the entrance. Inside, there are numerous escalators, boost pads, fountains, item boxes for you to use. However, when in the Car Park, look out for oncoming cars that'll slow you down.
Daisy Cruiser (NGC) Daisy Cruiser Lightning Daisy Cruiser is a race course that takes place on a large cruise ship belonging to Daisy. The cruiser has various floors including: a dining room with moving tables that act as obstacles for the player; a large pool that has a picture of Princess Daisy at the bottom; and various sets of hallways. Also included is a basement leading to a giant air vent, and various images of Daisy's Flower Logo throughout the cruiser's design. Pinatas can be seen in the cruiser as well, waving at the players.
Delfino Square (NDS) Delfino Square Banana Delfino Square takes place in part of a plaza and the pier. The major feature of the track is the drawbridge before the end of the course connecting the pier and the plaza. The bridge rises and lowers periodically during the race. Piantas cheer the racers in many sites along the track.
DK's Jungle Parkway (N64) DK's Jungle Parkway Thundercloud DK's Jungle Parkway is an off-road course in a jungle. From the start line, there is a curved path which travels alongside the river. The river splits the jungle into two halves and a cruise boat with a group of Piantas on it travels up and down it during the race. To cross the river, you must use the boost pads to get over to the other side and on the way back to the start/finish line, there is a narrow wooden bridge next to the waterfall, which takes you into a cave. The finish line is then at the exit of the cave.
DK Mountain


DK Mountain Thundercloud DK Mountain is another off-road course that takes place in the middle of the jungle, though the track mostly runs on the side of the volcano. The main feature of the track is the giant Barrel Cannon that shoots all racers to the upper part of the active volcano. The course itself contains several curly paths, dangerous tight turns alongside a cliff edge and an uneven ground.
Dry Dry Ruins (WII) Dry Dry Ruins Special Dry Dry Ruins is a desert course that has an Egyptian theme. An oasis is found near the start of the course, with several trees and some water, which the drivers will have to drive around. Another part of the course is the ruins, which has Swoopers, Pokeys, and some falling sand in it. Cacti are dotted in various places on the course and coming on contact with the them will spin the player out of control.
Ghost Valley 2 (SNES) Ghost Valley 2 Star Ghost Valley 2 is a dark bridge surrounded by Boos, and it is easy to accidentally fall from the stage, due to the blocks on the sides of the bridges being easily knocked off the course on contact. It features sudden drop-offs and sharp ninety degrees turns turns. It also features a boast pad at the end of the course, which may save time but is difficult to use, since it is placed right after a curve at the edge of the track.
Good Egg Galaxy (NEW) GoodEggGX Star Good Egg Galaxy is a track that takes place on a variety of planets. Racers start off on the starting planet, where you start on the grass side, you must then drive over the bridge and up the side of the tower, where a sling star will fling you onto the boulder planet. There you must dodge the boulders and use the sling star on the other side to fling you to the Dino Geo planet, where you must avoid the Dino Piranha. Using the sling star, you will be flung to the Chomp Saucer Planet. Here, you must drive across the green side. There will be one section opposite to where you land where there is no electrical barrier, you must drive through here to get to the sling star which fires you to the Octo Magma Planet, where you must drive around the edge of the planet without falling off the planet or into the lava, whilst dodging King Kaliente's missiles. Once circling the planet, you reach the final sling star which flings you back to the starting planet.
Goomba Beach (NEW)
Goomba Beach

A similar appearance, click to enlarge


Goomba Beach is a relatively simple track. You start off in the Beach Hut area, then must race along the beach, going over boardwalks and rocky areas until you reach the volcano at the top of the course, you must travel clockwise around the volcano and onto the Goomba pirate ship, from there, you must go into the giant cannon. This will blast you back to the beginning of the track.

Grumble Volcano (WII) Grumble Volcano Lightning Grumble Volcano takes place in an volcanic area riddled with lava. The first parts of the track take place inside a volcano with crumbling rocks that break and fall into the lava from time to time. Outside, the volcano will throw out big balls of fire. Also outside are moving platforms ready to trick you into the lava, Fire Snakes that come out of pipes that jump around and can spin out the player and lots of item boxes are found dotted around the course.
Koopa Cape (WII) Koopa Cape Shell Koopa Cape takes place on an isle of sort, where racers begin the race near to a cliff. The isle in this course also contains a river cutting through a forest and an underwater tunnel for racers to dive into, with a Warp Pipe at both ends. This course is owned by Koopa Troopa, as signs of him and the name of the course itself reveal.
Luigi Circuit (WII) Luigi Circuit Mushroom Luigi Circuit is an excellent track for you to start the game on. It has a nice and simple layout and no hazards on the actual track. Around the course, there are lots of Miis standing around cheering the racers on.
Mario Circuit 3 (SNES) Mario Circuit 3 Flower Mario Circuit is a long, almost symmetrical track with many twists and turns however there are little obstacles, which are Wharp Pipes and Oil Slicks which are scattered throughout the track. One curve is extremely sharp and it's best to slow down or drift. At the end of the track there is a boost pad. There is also a shortcut, soon after the sharp turn, there is a less sharp curve. The gap in the crash barrier there can be used to avoid the curve but it's best to use a mushroom or a star to avoid slowing down.
Mario Circuit 5 (NEW) Mario Circuit 5
A similar appearance
Shell Mario Circuit 5 is very similar to Wario's Colosseum, such as the layout of the course and the track style you race on, except the course is floating outside in the daytime and is a lot more colourful. Also, there are now several Goombas walking around the course which will make you spin out if you come into collision with them.
Maple Treeway (WII) Maple Treeway Thundercloud Maple Treeway takes place in a large forest during autumn, making it greatly resemble the Gold Leaf Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. The track consists of racing on tree branches, on the treetops and even within the trees themselves. Wigglers make their home on the treetops, and driving into them will hinder any racer. Piles of leaves flank various parts of the track, and driving through them reveals Mushrooms and Bananas, and rarely, Stars.
Peach Beach (NGC) Peach Beach Banana Peach Beach is a lively beach named after Princess Peach. It has many resident Piantas cheering the racers on as well as many ducks ready to flip you up in the air! There's various alternate ways to go along the beach, but watch out for the tide, don't get consumed by it!
Peach Gardens (NDS) Peach Gardens Flower Peach Garden's is a course set in the backyards' gardens of Princess Peach's Castle. Obstacles in the course include Chain Chomps and Monty Moles, both capable of attacking the player. The course is often blocked by large hedges which cannot be driven through and patches of grass that slow players down.
Rainbow Road (NEW) Rainbow Road
A similar appearance
Special Rainbow Road is the name of the last racecourse of the Special Cup in each of the Mario Kart games. As the name suggests, these tracks are made of multi-colored tile-sets that are either one color or change their color as racers pass by them, depending the game they appear. They are suspended in the starry night sky in outer space. Most contain few or no rails, putting racers at risk of falling, and each Rainbow Road also contains its unique hazards. Due to these obstacles, Rainbow Road is one of the hardest tracks in each Mario Kart game. Rainbow Road is also usually a long track when compared to other tracks.
R.O.B's Computer (NEW) R.O.B's Computer Thundercloud R.O.B's Computer is a course based on a computer's motherboard that is floating in an area of dark space. You drive around the board swerving it and out of various different parts. In areas of the map that aren't included as part of the track, various coloured R.O.Bs are cheering racers on.
Roller Coaster Rampage (NEW) Wario's Gold Mine
A similar appearance
Bob-omb Roller Coaster Rampage is set on a new roller coaster in Pinna Park. It is similar to both Rainbow Road and Wario's Gold Mine in style with various dips, turns and uphill sections. It is a very colourful coaster and there are a couple of roller coaster carts going the opposite way to the racers and in order to avoid them, the drivers must go to the edge of the track to avoid them.
Shy Guy Beach (GBA) Shy Guy Beach Banana Shy Guy Beach takes place on the sandy beach where the sunshine and blue ocean might make you feel like you’re on holiday, but there’s no time to relax – that ship on the horizon is about to start firing cannon balls!
Sky Gardens (GBA) Sky Garden Lightning Sky Garden takes place on a cobbled road atop clouds, and a lot of beanstalks (a clear allusion to the classic fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk) can be seen. This course has no major obstacles, although players can easily fall off of it. Sky Garden doesn't seem to have an apparent theme, but it does incorporate the Luigi blimp from the previous racetrack into its background. There are also three shortcuts in this course.
The City (NEW) Moonview Highway
A similar appearance
Lightning The City is an urban course that takes place during the night. This course takes place on the roads of the city meaning you often have to dodge cars and other traffic whilst collecting the travelling item boxes. When travelling around the centre of the city, there will be various routes that you can take, with some being shorter than others.
Tick Tock Clock (NDS) Tick Tock Clock Bob-omb Tick Tock Clock is a mechanical course where the racers will drive around a clock, where they can take a speed boost by running over some Dash Panels. After the clock, an ever ticking pendulum can knock the drivers off if they collide with it. Throughout the course there are rotating gears, which lead the karts in 360˚ arcs around the center. Racers then go to a second clock, smaller than the first one, having Item Boxes moving around. At the end of the course the are many gears protruding from the ground like tires, which spin in opposite directions of each other. If the drivers go up the gear which is turning away from them, then drivers will run slightly faster. All gears in the course change direction every 45 seconds. Clock hands are another obstacle that would spin back and forth, spinning out any kart that touches them. If the player hits the pendulum while racing, it will ring.
Toad's Factory (WII) Toad's Factory Star Toad's Factory is located in the interior and exterior of a large item box factory owned by Toad. The course is a bit more difficult due to its dynamic features, including conveyor belts in the track, which can either help or hinder the player depending on what direction he or she may be going, as well as some hydraulic machines appearing over conveyor belts, which will crush anything that is underneath them. Also, multiple boxes slide along on the treadmills, which can slow karts down if they knock them down and let out a mushroom, a banana, or (rarely) a star when broken. Towards the end of the track, a large pool of mud must be crossed by the players. To get over quickly, dash panels are used. However, bulldozers on either side of the track will alternately move back and forth, covering up dash panels or revealing new ones. The third and final panel is on a ramp.
Vanilla Lake 2 (SNES) Vanilla Lake Special Vanilla Lake is an icy course around an arctic lake which makes it harder for drivers to steer around. At the edge of the track, the lake is snow-covered; driving here will slow the kart down. There are many obstacles along the way, such as pipes and at some parts of the track, the ice is broken and the water is visible
Waluigi Stadium (NDS) Waluigi Stadium Star Waluigi Stadium is a race track that appears in the Mario Kart series and is owned by Waluigi. The stadium is very much like a dirt bike course, with hazards such as mechanical Piranha Plants coming out of pipes and spinning, three-armed Fire bars as well as many jumps where players can perform tricks upon.
Wario's Gold Mine (WII) Wario's Gold Mine Bob-omb Wario's Gold Mine takes place in an industrial mine, as seen by pipes with smoke coming out of them. The time of the day is at sunset, as seen in the background of this course. Outside the mine, there is no activity going on except for the process of the smoke of the pipes. The entrance of the mine is filled with Swoopers. They act like obstacles for players, simply just slowing him or her down. Inside the mine, it is darker. Activity is going on with the mine carts from a black area and into some parts of the track, where they act as obstacles for players. The mine-carts are taking gold from one place to another endlessly. At the exit of the mine is the start of the course.
Wild West Weaver (NEW) Canyon
A similar appearance
Mushroom Wild West Weaver is set in a canyon in the Wild West. You start off by going into the canyon which weaves left and right several times. Along the canyon are many goodies, such as items and Boost Pads however there are also bad things and delays, like the thick mud and Piranha Plants. After weaving through the canyon, you go through a turn and drive back towards the start line in a straight line next to the canyon.
Yoshi Circuit (NDS) Yoshi Circuit Banana Yoshi Circuit is a unique course in that it is shaped like Yoshi himself. Many turns are in the course, including a particularly sharp hairpin turn located at Yoshi's "tail". There is a straight area in the middle of the course, that is perfect for item traps. There are also a lot of Piranha Plants at the side of the road, nipping at racers who get too close.
Yoshi Falls (DS) Yoshi Falls Mushroom Yoshi Falls is located in a crater-like valley, circling a lake with three waterfalls connected to the body of water, crossing the track. A large Yoshi Egg is found in the center of the lake. Numerous Boost Pads are located at some places along the course. Bridges do provide a safer way to pass, as opposed to going through the waterfalls is a risk, due to being able to be pushed off the edge.


Name of Stage Image Description
Battle Course 4 (SNES) Battle Course 4 Battle Course 4 is a simplistic, square-shaped stage with a sand patch in the middle. Great for beginners and/or a retro styled Battle Match.
Block Fort (N64) Block Fort Block Fort is a stage with four structures in each corner of the level. Ramps lead up to the first level, where thin bridges lead to the other forts. Another ramp leads to the top level, with longer bridges to the other forts roofs.
Bowser's Castle (NEW) Bowser's Castle Stage Bowser's Castle is a stage which is a course set inside Bowser's Castle. You can battle across several floors and each floor has an array of different rooms. Item Boxes are found in most rooms but halfway through the map, lava will flood the bottom floor causing all drivers to race upstairs in order to escape, shrinking the playing area.
Honeybee Hive (3DS) Honeybee Hive Honeybee Hive takes place in a bee hive with Honeycomb Walls filled with honey and some paths to go through. This hive has some open ceilings letting sunlight and other areas closed in. There are honey drops on the floor, which cause the racers to slow. There are a couple of circular small flowerbeds and bushes as well as Item Boxes scattered around the stage. On the center of the honey hive, there is a pipe that shoots strong air out, making the drivers fly to a different part of the hive. The stage also has a few dead ends. The place has a swarm Stingbies that fly around.
Moonlight Battle (NEW) Air PlanetWater Planet
Earth PlanetFire Planet
Moonlight Battle occurs in the very dead of the night in outer space. Players start on a planet based around the Earth element and after set time periods each time, they will have to travel to the cannon before getting blasted to the next planet which is based on the Water Element. During the four minute battle, drivers will travel from the Earth through Water and Air finishing on the Fire based planet.
MySims TV Woo (NEW) MySims TV Woo MySims TV Woo is a battle stage that takes place on the actual console itself. It is located in a starry region of outer space. The items boxes are scattered around it and the course has no obstacles, and no dangers other than falling off the side of the system.
Mysterious Forest (NEW) Forest Mysterious Forest is a large map in which there is a central area of flat grassland in which the players start off in. They can then either use some of the item boxes and battle here, or head of into the forest with surrounds the grassland. There are many entrances to the forest around the central area and these all wind around in a maze fashion. There are also various item boxes dotted around the forest area allowing for combat in that area.
Palm Shore (DS) Palm Shore Palm Shore is a course containing no obstacles, having just a palm tree on one of the islands and surrounded by a shallow sea. The tide tends to change considerably the course; the water rises and falls every few seconds, flooding the center of the course. If racers run into deeper waters, their karts will slow down drastically, open for a potential opponent's attack. Many Item Boxes are just located in the center of the course. If racers run into dark blue water area, they will stop and get picked up by Lakitu and brought back to the stage.
The Tycoon Town (NEW) Tycoon Town
A similar appearance
The Tycoon Town is an urban map inhabited by a variety of Goombas, Koopas and Toads. Drivers can drive on roads and pavements across the grid like pattern. Item Boxes are found dotted around on the roads, as well as a couple of secret ones down hidden alleyways between buildings.
Thwomp Desert (DS) Thwomp Desert Thwomp Desert get players to battle in the middle of a quicksand pit surrounded by cacti. Although out of the quicksand trap seems secure, Item Boxes appear near the center of the pit. Players can prevent being drawn into the pit by simply driving away from it, as well as jumping on the buried remains of Thwomps near the trap. Sometimes, a Thwomp rams into the ground, crushing players under it, while it creates waves in the quicksand that push the racers away from the center. Hitting the center of the pit (the player can actually drive very close to the pit center and not get sucked in) results with the player getting sunk into the sand, and Lakitu having to come and get the player. Hitting the cacti spins out the player similar to how a banana behaves.
Twilight House (DS) Twilight House Twilight House is a house that seems to be located in the middle of a forest, floating on a dark void however. The course has eight wide rooms surrounded by a narrow balcony. Players can fall to the void if they run along the balcony, specially on the 90 degrees turns. Some Dark Shine Sprites can be seen over the walls of Twilight House.
Waluigi Pinball (NEW) Waluigi Pinball Waluigi Pinball is based in the actual pinball section of the course, as shown in the picture. There is a large pinball constantly bouncing around the course which will take coins or a balloon if the driver comes into collision with it.


Track Name Ghost Character Ghost Time Ghost Fast Time
Airship Fortress (NDS) Bowser Jr. 2:23.323 2:07.704
Baby Park (NGC) Toadsworth 1:01.010 0:50.920
Bowser's Castle (GCN) Bowser 3:04.836 2:42.098
Bowser Castle 2 (GBA) Bowser 1:52.258 1:35.693
Choco Mountain (N64) Birdo 2:15.571 2:01.943
Coconut Mall (WII) Pianta 2:30.117 2:14.167
Daisy Cruiser (GCN) Daisy 1:49.564 1:43.341
Delfino Square (DS) Toadette 2:41.807 2:24.169
DK's Jungle Parkway (N64) Donkey Kong 2:58.264 2:37.782
DK Mountain (GCN) Donkey Kong 2:57.744 2:38.130
Dry Dry Ruins (WII) Dry Bones 2:30.949 2:14.286
Ghost Valley 2 (SNES) King Boo 1:06.595 0:58.907
Good Egg Galaxy (NEW) Rosalina 3:20.001 3:10.324
Goomba's Beach (NEW) King Goomba 2:22.456 2:14.523
Grumble Volcano (WII) King Goomba 2:28.237 2:11.852
Koopa Cape (WII) Koopa Troopa 3:03.022 2:41.370
Luigi Circuit (WII) Luigi 1:29.670 1:19.394
Mario Circuit 3 (SNES) Mario 1:38.880 1:26.659
Mario Circuit 5 (NEW) Mario 2:54.201 2:39.123
Maple Treeway (WII) Ballyhoo 2:58.633 2:37.812
Peach Beach (GCN) Peach 1:34.233 1:23.140
Peach Gardens (DS) Peach 1:12.011 1:01.351
Rainbow Road (NEW) Rosalina 3:05.895 2:44.734
R.O.B's Computer (NEW) R.O.B. 2:30.000 2:17.396
Roller Coaster Rampage (NEW) Noki 3:25.054 3:12.067
Shy Guy Beach (GBA) Shy Guy 1:45.568 1:32.867
Sky Garden (GBA) Paratroopa 1:43.305 1:38.025
The City (NEW) Professor Elvin Gadd 3:15.034 3:00.234
Tick Tock Clock (DS) Wario 1:54.903 1:33.945
Toad's Factory (WII) Toad 2:22.480 2:05.653
Vanilla Lake 2 (SNES) Shy Guy 1:43.021 1:27.130
Waluigi Stadium (GCN) Waluigi 2:32.882 2:12.367
Wario's Gold Mine (WII) Wario 2:19.585 2:04.800
Wild West Weaver (NEW) Diddy Kong 2:31.124 2:14.235
Yoshi Circuit (GCN) Yoshi 1:48.793 1:38.047
Yoshi Falls (DS) Yoshi 1:16.461 1:09.175

Item Box ItemsEdit

To obtain an item, you must first drive through an Item Box (pictured above). You will then receive one of the following items, depending on your current rank in the race:

Item Name Item Image Effect Rankings
Banana Peel Banana Banana Peel causes a vehicle to spin-out if the vehicle touches the slippery item, slowing them down. They can either be placed behind a kart or be thrown forward down the track. It can also be held behind the kart as a defensive countermeasure against homing red shells and green shells. You have to be 1st-6th to receive Banana Peel.
Blooper Blooper Blooper, after being activated, will create a large ink blot on the screen of all the drivers who are currently in a higher rank than that player, which obstructs the view of opponents and causes CPU characters to swerve around on the track. The higher rank a player is, the more ink that gets splattered on them. To get rid of the ink, the player can use a Mushroom, use a Star, go on a Boost Pad or just wait for it to go away. You have to be 5th-8th to receive Blooper.
Blue Spiny Shell Blue Shell Blue Spiny Shell, once fired, the shell will begin traveling through the air, following the track ahead of the shooter, targeting the leader. Once it gets to the leader, it will shoot down upon them causing an explosion making the leader spin-out of control, anyone within the explosion area will also be caused to spin-out of control for a few seconds. You have to be 6th-7th to receive Spiny Shell.
Bob-omb Bob-omb Bob-omb is a timed bomb. After you fire it, it will wait several seconds before exploding. Anyone within the explosion radius, will spin-out of control, delaying them. They will also activate if another racer drives close next to it. You have to be 3rd-7th to receive Bob-omb.
Bullet Bill Bullet Bill Bullet Bill, after activating will cause the player's kart to transform into a giant Bullet Bill, which will automatically rocket down the track, knocking over any enemies, players or items in the center of the track. It will only last for a limited time, which increases the further behind the player is in the race. Star is the only thing that protects someone from a Bullet Bill. You have to be 9th-12th to receive Bullet Bill.
Boo Boo Boo, when activated, selects a random racer with an item and steals the item, and then gives it to the player that released it. At the same time, the player turns invisible and therefore is completely invisible for a short period of time. While invisible, the player can pass the other racers more easily by simply going through them. If no other players have any items, the Boo will return empty handed. You have to be 4th-9th to receive Boo.
Egg Egg Egg, when thrown, the Egg will home on the racer in the above position. If a player uses it while first, the egg will just roll down the track in a straight line and break when it comes into contact with something. When it breaks, three random items will get thrown out, which can be Banana Peels, Bob-ombs, Fake Item Boxes, Green Shells, Ice Bombs, Lightning Bolts (very rare), Mushrooms, Red Shells, Shields, Springs and Stars (rare) You have to be 3rd-12th to receive Egg.
Fake Item Box Fake Item Box Fake Item Box resembles regular Item Boxes, but they do not give items to karts that pass through them. Instead, the kart will crash and spin-out. Fake Item Boxes usually cannot block incoming objects such as Red Shells, Eggs and Green Shells You have to be 1st-4th to receive Fake Item Box.
Golden Mushroom Golden Mushroom Golden Mushroom gives the player an endless amount of boosts for a limited time. When boosting, the driver can knock other drivers out of the way and also jump over gaps which are not cross-able in a normal vehicle. You have to be 8th-12th to receive Golden Mushroom.
Green Shell Shell Green Shells can be fired forward in a straight line to hit opponents. Unlike the Red Shell, the Green Shell is able to rebound from walls, but after ricocheting seven times, the Green Shell will automatically break. You have to be 1st-4th to receive Green Shell.
Ice Bob-omb Ice Bob-omb is very similar to the normal Bob-omb. After you fire it, it will wait several seconds before exploding. Anyone within the explosion radius, will suddenly freeze, a will be surrounded by a block of Ice (like if you were to fall in on Sherbet Land), delaying them. They will also activate if another racer drives close next to it. You have to be 6th-10th to receive Ice Bomb.
Lightning Bolt Lightning Lightning, when used, will temporarily shrink all the other racers, making them slower and weaker. The effect of being hit by a thunderbolt wears off much faster depending on the rank that the player is in. The Lightning Bolt's effect can be avoided if a racer has a Mega Mushroom, Star, or Bullet Bill item activated when the bolt strikes. They will also make drivers spin out of control temporarily, unless they are flying through the air after being shot out of a cannon, which will only make them shrink. It will also scatter any items the effected drivers have around them when used. You have to be 11th-12th to receive Lightning Bolt.
Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom, when activated, will increasing the player's size, so they take up the majority of their screen. It also gives them a slight boost in their speed and it also gives the driver the ability to run-over and crush opponents, making them slow down. You have to be 5th-8th to receive Mega Mushroom.
Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom gives the driver a short boost of speed. Whilst boosting, you can knock other drivers out the way, despite the weight of the characters involved. You have to be 2nd-7th to receive Mushroom.
POW Block POW Block POW Block, when activated, will count down through three stages before creating an earthquake. When the earthquake occurs, all the drivers in in positions ahead of you will spin out. It will not effect you however if you are in the air, you will not spin out. However, unlike previous games, flicking the Wii Wheel will not stop you from spinning out. If you are effected by the POW Block, you will lose your items and they will get scattered around you. You have to be 7th-9th to receive POW Block.
Red Shell Red Shell Red Shell, when fired, will home in on the player one rank ahead of you and when they hit them, they will spin out of control for a few seconds. Unlike the Green Shells, they cannot rebound and will break if they come in contact with anything but a driver. You have to be 1st-8th to receive Red Shell.
Shield Mario Shield Shield is similar to the Star as it protects the driver from other items such as shells, POWs and Lightning, however you cannot use it to bask other racers out the way like the Star does. It is also not on a time limit and only disappears after it's been effective once. You have to be 4th-9th to receive Shield.
Spring Spring Spring, when activated, will cause a spring to appear under the player which will then fling them up in the air, but they will then land further ahead meaning they have gained ground or overtaken other racers. You have to be 8th-12th to receive Spring.
Star Star Star makes the player invincible for a set period of time. Once it has been activate, the driver is immune from all other item attacks and will also be able to knock other racers out the way when they come into contact with each other. You have to be 9th-12th to receive Star.
Syrup Catapult Syrup Catapult Syrup Catapult will launch a honey pot either further ahead or behind the driver and when it smashes into the ground, it'll leave a splat of honey that will slow racers down when they try to driver through it. It disappears after 20 seconds however. You have to be 3rd-10th to receive Syrup Catapult.
Triple Banana Triple Banana Triple Banana Peel has the same effect as the single Banana Peel does, just you have three to use, instead of one. When used, 3 bananas automatically attach themselves to the back of the kart and can be placed behind the player, or thrown out in front of the driver. You have to be 1st-3rd to receive Triple Banana.
Triple Green Shell Triple Green Shell Triple Green Shell has the same effect as the single Green Shell does, just you have three to use, instead of one. When used, 3 shells automatically attach themselves to the back of the kart and can be placed behind the player, or thrown out in front of the driver. You have to be 3rd-5th to receive Triple Green Shell.
Triple Mushroom Triple Mushroom Triple Mushroom has the same effect as the single Mushroom does, just you have three to use, instead of one.  You have to be 4th-12th to receive Triple Mushroom.
Triple Red Shell Triple Red Shell Triple Red Shell has the same effect as the single Red Shell does, just you have three to use, instead of one. When used, 3 shells automatically attach themselves to the back of the kart and can be placed behind the player, or thrown out in front of the driver. You have to be 3rd-10th to receive Triple Red Shell.



Vehicle Name Image Type How to Unlock
Baby Booster (WII)
Baby Booster
Kart Default
Banisher (NEW)
A similar appearance,
however it only has two wheels.
Each character would have
their own face and
colour scheme on the bike
Bike Get Gold on 50cc Shell Cup
Concorde Kart (NEW) Concorde Kart
A similar appearance, except
the characters sit in the middle
of the plane with their head sticking
out the top.
Kart Get Gold on Mirror Star Cup
Koopa Dasher (GCN)(Note that the "K" is replaced

with the player's emblem)

Koopa Dasher
Kart Get B-A on eight 150cc Cups
Magikruiser (WII) Magikruiser Bike Get B-A on eight 100cc Cups
Mushmellow (DS)
Kart Get Gold on 100cc Star Cup
Nano Bike (WII)
Nano Bike
Bike Default
Standard Bike S (WII)
Standard Bike
Each character would have
their own individual emblem
on the front and the
colour scheme would differ.
Bike Default
Standard Kart S (SNES)
Standard Kart
Each Character would have
their own specifically coloured
framework build around the frame.
Kart Default
Zoom Zoom (NEW)
Zoom Zoom
A similar appearance.
Bike Get Gold on Mirror Banana Cup


Vehicle Name Image Type How to Unlock
B Dasher MK 2 (WII) B Dasher MK 2 Kart Get B-A on four 150cc Cups
Dolphin Dasher (WII) Dolphin Dasher Bike Beat 1 Fast Staff Ghost Time
Flower Bike (NEW) Pipe Bike
A similar appearance except
the pipes have a flower
blocking the pipe and the
driver sits on it.
It is also now a bike.
Bike Get Gold on the 50cc Bob-omb Cup
Mach Bike (WII) Mach Bike Bike Default
Moped (NEW) Moped
A similar appearance.
Bike Get Gold on the 150cc Bob-omb Cup
Poltergust 2000 (DS) Poltergust 4000 Kart Default
Royal Racer (WII) Royal Racer Kart Get B-A on eight 50cc Cups
Standard Kart M (SNES) Standard Kart
Each Character would have
their own specifically coloured
framework build around the frame.
Kart Default
Standard Bike M (WII) Standard Bike
Each character would have
their own individual emblem
on the front and the
colour scheme would differ.
Bike Default
Turbo Blooper (WII) Turbo Blooper Kart Get Gold on the 150cc Lightning Cup


Vehicle Name Image Type How to Unlock
Bumble V (3DS) Bumble V
A similar appearance except
it has two wheels coming out
the bottom of the car.
Bike Complete 8 Time Trials on different courses.
Dragonetti (WII) Dragonetti Kart Get Gold on the Mirror Lightning Cup
Phantom (WII) Phantom Bike Get Gold on the 100cc Shell Cup
ROB-BLS (DS) ROB-BLS Kart Beat 12 Fast Ghosts
Shooting Star (WII) Shooting Star Bike Get A-B on four 50cc cups
Standard Bike L (WII) Standard Bike
Each character would have
their own individual emblem
on the front and the
colour scheme would differ.
Bike Default
Standard Kart L (SNES) Standard Kart
Each Character would have
their own specifically coloured
framework build around the frame.
Kart Default
Stunt Bike (NEW) Stunt Bike
A similar appearance.
Bike Default
Thunder Flyer (NEW) Flame Flyer
A similar appearance, except
it is more "blinged" up.
Kart Get Gold on the 150cc Star Cup
Wario Car (GCN) Wario Car Kart Default

Points PointsEdit

Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Points 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Musical Notes2MusicEdit

All tracks from previous games keep their original music.

Track Music
Good Egg Galaxy
Goomba Beach
Mario Circuit 5
Rainbow Road
R.O.B's Computer
Roller Coaster Rampage
The City
Wild West Weaver

QuestionBeta ElementsEdit

  • Missions
Missions were going to appear as a game mode, but was then later scrapped.
  • Goomba
Goomba was originally going to be a playable character, however, to equal out the number of racers in each Kart size, he was changed into King Goomba.
  • Tracks
Course Replacement
Donut Plains 2 Good Egg Galaxy
Desert Hill Shy Guy Beach
Luigi Mansion The Airport (later replaced)
Mario Raceway Mario Circuit 5
Moo Moo Meadows Goomba Beach
Moonview Highway The City
Mushroom Bridge Roller Coaster Rampage
Riverside Park Wild West Weaver
The Airport R.O.B's Computer
  • Karts & Bikes
For each size (Light, Medium, Heavy) there was originally going to be a Standard Bike and Kart for each size, then each character would have it's own personalized bike or kart, however this was scrapped and replaced by the current in game Kart and Bikes.
  • Funky Kong
He was originally going to appear in the game but was replaced at later stages of production for Pianta.
  • Baby Characters
Originally, Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Baby Luigi, and Baby Daisy were going to appear in the game but the were later replaced by Noki, Toadsworth, Ballyhoo and Professor E. Gadd.