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Mario Kart 5ds is the Racing game for The Nintendo 5ds. it the Nineth game in the Mario kart series.

It Releases 2017.

Characters Edit

Starting Edit

1. Mario

2. Luigi


4. Daisy

5. Yoshi


7.Boom Boom


Unlockable Edit

1. Nabbit

2.Bowser Jr

3. Koppa Troppa

4. Monty Mole

5. Poom Poom

6. Donkey Kong

New Courses Edit

Mushroom Cup Edit

1. Boom Boom Stadium

2. Mine Mountains

3.Acorn Way

4.Luigi City

Flower Cup Edit

1. Peach Stadium

2. Little Park

3. Toad Snow Village

4. Mario Stadium

Star Cup Edit

1. Desert tourway

2. Yoshi Hills

3. Bowser Castle

4. Dark Stadium

Special cup Edit

1. Donkey Kong Raceway

2. Bowser Jr`s Fun Airship

3. Lava Hills

4. Rainbow Road

Old Courses Edit

Shell cup

1. DS Mario circuit

2. U Shy Guy Falls

3. N64 Wario Stadium

4. Snes Mario Circuit 2

Banana cup Edit

1. 3ds Rosalina`s Ice World

2.Wii Mario Circuit

3.GCN Mushroom city

4. U Mario Kart stadium

Leaf cup Edit

1. Wii Toad`s Factory

2. U Water Park

3. DS Bowser Castle

4. 3DS Neo Bowser City

Lighting Cup Edit

1. GCN Peach circuit

2. DS Shroom Ridge

3.Snes Bowser Castle 3

4. Gcn Rainbow Road

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