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Mario Kart PX is the ninth Game in the Mario Kart Series For the Wii PX (Wii 32X in the future).

Characters Edit

Starting Edit

1. Mario

2. Luigi

3. Peach


5. Toad

6. Toadete

7. Boom Boom

8. Bowser

Unlockable Edit

  1. Nabbit

2. Daisy

3. Bowser Jr

4. Birdo

5. Baby Mario

6. Monty Mole

7. Poom Poom

8. Donkey Kong

9. Wario

10. Mii

DLC Edit

1. Shy Guy

2. Link

3. Pac-Man

4. Plant

5. Ludwig Von Koppa

6. Meowser

Courses Edit

Coming Soon

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