Mario Kart Ultra is an upcoming game for the J-STORM, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Like Mario Kart: Mega Mash-Up, this features retro tracks in nitro cups.


There are five levels of difficulty, 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, 200cc and 300cc.

Cup Name Cup Icon How to Unlock Tracks
Mushroom Cup Mushroom Default Cup Mario Circuit (3DS)
Toad Town (NEW)
DK Summit (WII)
Boo Lake (GBA)
Flower Cup Flower Come 1st-4th in the Mushroom Cup Royal Raceway (N64)
Candy Canyon (NEW)
Waluigi Pinball (DS)
Thwomp Ruins (WII U)
Banana Cup Banana Come 1st-3rd in the Flower Cup Koopa Troopa Beach (N64)
Cheep Cheep Lagoon (3DS)
Koopaling Skies (NEW)
Moonview Highway (WII)
Special Cup Special Come 1st or 2nd in the Banana Cup Rosalina's Ice World (3DS)
Yoshi Valley (N64)
Bowser's Castle (NEW)
Rainbow Road (3DS)
1-Up Mushroom Cup Default Cup Mario Kart Stadium (WII U)
Riverside Park (GBA)
Desert Hills (DS)
Sherbet Land (N64)
Ice Flower Cup Koopa Beach 2 (SNES)
Electrodrome (WII U)
Peach Circuit (GBA)
Piranha Plant Park (NEW)
Shell Cup Shell Come 1st-3rd in the Ice Flower Cup Daisy Circuit (WII)
Mushroom Bridge (GCN)
DK Pass (DS)
Bowser's Castle (WII U)
Star Cup (WII)


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Waluigi
  • Kamek (Complete 150cc and 300cc Mushroom Cups)
  • Dr. Mario (Complete 150cc and 300cc Flower Cups)

  • Princess Peach
  • Yoshi
  • Princess Daisy
  • Spike (Complete 150cc and 300cc Banana Cups)
  • Plessie (Complete 150cc and 300cc Special Cups)

  • Koopa Troopa
  • Toad
  • Shy Guy (Complete 150cc and 300cc 1-Up Mushroom Cups)
  • Lakitu (Complete 150cc and 300cc Ice Flower Cups)
  • Nabbit (Complete 150cc and 300cc Shell Cups)

  • Bowser
  • Donkey Kong
  • Wario
  • Rosalina (Complete 150cc and 300cc Star Cups)
  • Professor E. Gadd (Complete all 50cc cups)

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