Mario Strikers Overcharged
English logo
Developer Nintendo
Retro Studios
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Wii U
Genre Sports
Release June 1, 2013
Modes 1-4
Ratings E10 for Everyone 10+
Media Disc

Mario Strikers Overcharged (also known as Mario Super Soccer in South Korea and Mario Football Extreme in Europe and Australia) for the Wii U is the second game in the Mario Strikers franchise, being a sequel to the Nintendo GameCube title Super Mario Strikers and the Nintendo Wii title Mario Strikers Charged. Like Mario Kart and Mario Tennis, the basic rules of the sport are intact, but many additions are set into place to make the game crazier.

Rules of Strikers and Game PlayEdit

As mentioned above, Strikers is based off of soccer. However, the sport played is much more physical (and is not full of wimps). Like in soccer, teams of five (goalie included) must try and score the ball in the opposing team's net within the time limit (can be set anywhere from 2-10 minutes). When the time runs out, the team with the highest (or next score, if Sudden Death occurs) score wins the match. Sudden Death occurs when the score is tied. An alarm will sound and more intense music will play signaling when SD starts. Like in Mario Strikers Charged, players where metallic gear, all coloured differently to the captain's liking.



NSMB2 Mario
  • Character Type: Balanced
  • Description:
  • Mega Strike: Mario turns into Metal Mario (with a large hammer) and hammers the ball downward.
  • Super Ability: Metal Mario
  • Deke: Mario kicks the ball to the side and does a small roll.
  • Uniform: Red gear with white and blue accents.
  • Alt. Uniform: Orange gear with red accents.
  • Team Emblem: Mario's trademark "M".
  • Team Number: 01
  • Away Entrance: Mario runs around the stadium, revving up the crowd.
  • Home Entrance: Mario falls from the sky as Metal Mario and lands in an explosion.
  • Theme: Castle (SMB) -- Rock
  • Character Type: Balanced
  • Description:
  • Mega Strike: Luigi puts on the Poltergust 5000 and shoots the ball forward in a ball of flaming ice.
  • Super Ability: Luigi catches on fire (that is green) and runs faster.
  • Deke: Luigi kicks the ball upward and jumps over the opponent.
  • Uniform: Green gear with gold and blue accents.
  • Alt. Uniform: Blue gear with green and purple accents.
  • Team Emblem: Luigi's trademark "L".
  • Team Number: 02
  • Away Entrance: Luigi flies in on the Poltergust 5000, which malfunctions and crashes.
  • Home Entrance: Luigi falls from the sky, gets scared and deploys a parachute.
  • Theme: Theme (LM) -- Techno
  • Character Type: Playmaker
  • Description:
  • Mega Strike: Peach jumps up and sprouts large wings, and then dives towards the ball.
  • Super Ability: Photos snap and giant pictures trap people underneath.
  • Deke: Like Toad, Peach makes a somersault, carrying the ball with her. She can jump over the opponent with it.
  • Uniform: Pink gear with yellow and orange accents.
  • Alt. Uniform: Red gear with pink and blue accents.
  • Team Emblem: A crown with three jewels, two blue, one red.
  • Team Number: 10
  • Away Entrance: Peach struts onto the field with cameras flashing and her posing. She then runs up to the opposing field and says "Are you ready?".
  • Home Entrance: Peach falls from the sky and does a few spins. When she lands, she does a backflip and the splits. Cameras flash when she land and show off her acrobatic skills.
  • Theme: Peach's Castle (M&L: BiS) -- Rock
  • Character Type: Offense
  • Description:
  • Mega Strike: Daisy jumps and flowers bloom all around her, and she then kicks the ball in a flowery blast.
  • Super Ability: Daisy smashes the ground, and crystals come up, knocking anyone out around her.
  • Deke: Daisy kicks the ball sideways and does a body check sideways.
  • Uniform: Orange gear with yellow accents
  • Alt. Uniform: Cyan gear with orange and white accents
  • Team Emblem: A daisy
  • Team Number: 09
  • Away Entrance: Daisy runs onto the field up towards the opposing team and yells "You wanna go!?"
  • Home Entrance: Daisy halls from the sky, but half way down a large explosion happens and Daisy falls softly to the ground, with daisy petals raining down with her.
  • Theme: Super Mario Land Theme -- 90's Themed
  • Character Type: Balanced
  • Description:
  • Mega Strike: Flutter jumping to reach the ball, Yoshi's head gets red and he sprouts wings as if he had eaten a sour berry, before breathing in air and shooting the air on the ball, shooting it towards the goalie.
  • Super Ability: Yoshi goes inside of a large Yoshi egg and rolls around.
  • Deke: Yoshi throws a Yoshi Egg in front of him, and dashes forward.
  • Uniform: Green gear with blue, white and orange accents.
  • Alt. Uniform: Blue gear with green, orange and gold accents.
  • Team Emblem: a Yoshi Egg
  • Team Number: 08
  • Away Entrance: Yoshi comes onto the field balancing on an oversized Yoshi Egg, he then accidentally crushes one of his teammates.
  • Home Entrance: Yoshi falls from the sky in a Yoshi Egg, which breaks open when he lands.
  • Theme: Overworld (SMW) -- Techno
  • Character Type: Offensive
  • Description:
  • Mega Strike: Wario jumps into the air. Sucking in large amounts of air that almost seem to form a small tornado, he swells up to balloon size and gets a pink face. After rearing back slightly, he unleashes all the air full force into the ball, resulting in a fiery explosion.
  • Super Ability: Wario starts farting while he runs around.
  • Deke: Wario burps and jumps over.
  • Uniform: Gold gear with purple and white accents.
  • Alt. Uniform: Blue gear with purple and yellow accents.
  • Team Emblem: Wario's nose and moustache.
  • Team Number: 00
  • Away Entrance: Wario rides in on his Wario Bike, which goes through a wall and blows up. Wario shrugs and says "Oh well!".
  • Home Entrance: Wario sings to his theme at the way down and belly-flops into the ground, getting stuck. He quickly pulls out his head and looks angrily at the ball.
  • Theme: Mountain (WL) -- Horror
  • Character Type: Defensive
  • Description:
  • Mega Strike: Waluigi jumps high into the air, and a deep red vortex forms behind him. He then lashes at the ball with a whip made out of a thorn bush's stem.
  • Super Ability: Waluigi runs around and thorn walls spring up behind him.
  • Deke: Waluigi spins and goes around with the ball.
  • Uniform: Purple gear with black accents.
  • Alt. Uniform: Black gear with purple accents.
  • Team Emblem: An upside-down, and backwards L.
  • Team Number: 0
  • Away Entrance: Waluigi enters in a vortex of purple and red. His eyes then glow purple.
  • Home Entrance: Waluigi looks confident on the way down, and rolls right when he gets to the ground.
  • Theme: Waluigi Pinball -- Jazz
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