Get ready for the biggest war in Marvel history...  

Game tagline.
Marvel: Heroic War
Marvel Heroic War
Banner art for the game, featuring the first ten playable characters.
Developer Eidos Interactive
Publisher Disney Interactive Studios
Platform Wii U
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo NX
Genre Fighting
Release Summer 2016 (WU/XB1/PS4)
February 2017 (NX)
Modes Single-player campaign
Local/online multiplayer
Series Marvel Superheroes
Marvel: Heroic War is a fan-made third person fighting game by AdamGregory03 taking place within the universe of Marvel Comics.


The game plays in a third-person point of view, featuring an expansive arena in which two to four characters must fight each other until the other's health is depleted. The victorious player is awarded Marvel Points, which can be used to unlock more missions and characters.


Mission ModeEdit

Combat ModeEdit

Playable CharactersEdit

See Marvel: Heroic War/Playable Characters.

The game is confirmed to feature around a hundred characters originating from the Marvel Comics universe, making it perhaps the largest fighting game to date in terms of the roster.


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