This page is for all playable characters in Marvel: Heroic War.


Heroic War - Captain America Captain America
During the times of World War II, Steve Rogers was once a skinny, rather weak man who aspired to serve his country. In order to do so, he agreed to enlist himself into the Super Soldier operation, which injected a special serum into his body and granted him superhuman strength and speed, transforming him into the patriotic hero, Captain America. During a dangerous mission, he rode a missile into the Antarctic, where his body froze for years, only to be thawed out in modern day by the organization S.H.I.E.L.D. As the first Avenger, Captain America wields his Vibranium shield in combat, always determined to do his country, and the entire world, proud.
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Heroic War - Hulk The Hulk
Bruce Banner was once a young mild-mannered professor before he became exposed to gamma radiation while trying to help out a fellow scientist. And from this, his life changed for the worse. Now, whenever he became angered or excited, he transformed into a dangerous monster known as the Hulk. This caused strains on his relationship with his girlfriend Betty Ross, whose father was a general who wanted the Hulk dead. To this day, the Hulk has become a member of the Avengers and Banner has better control over the beast within his own mind... But should he get angry, whoever crossed him is practically already dead if they aren't prepared.
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Heroic War - Doctor Doom Doctor Doom
Victor von Doom is the ruler of Latveria, and one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel universe. His father was a brilliant doctor who died of frostbite, and his mother was a gypsy who sold her soul to Mephisto. Victor was determined to retrieve his mother from Hell and built a machine to take him to and from there, only for it to explode, leaving a scar on his face. Doom then hid in seclusion, where he came across a band of monks, who he forced to make him a nearly indestructible armor. Now, he is known and feared by many as Doctor Doom, one who is determined to rule the world by any means necessary.
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