Marvel vs Capcom is a second world collide of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and have a special side is,Legend of Chima and Killer Instinct.Meet a new characters Creple and Bhason.

Characters Edit

Legend of Chima Killer Instinct Capcom Marvel
Thrunder Hisako Akuma Hulk
Sir Fangar Tj Combo Guile Wolverine
Scorm Opler Sakura Deadpool
Li'Ella Fulgore Bison Spider Man
Cragger Gargos Chun-Li Black Window
Eris Sabrewulf Ryu Thanos
Laval Jago Cody Iron Man
Tyrannos Cinder Guy Ultron
Worriz Kan-Ra Ken Doctor Doom
Creror Glacius Birdie Thor
Flinx Orchid Zangief Captain American

Story Mode Edit

Legend of Chima Edit

Chapter 1: Worriz

Chapter 2: Eris

Chapter 3: Cragger

Chapter 4: Sir Fangar

Chapter 5: Flinx

Chapter 6: Scorm

Chapter 7: Tyrannos

Chapter 8: Laval

Killer Instinct Edit

Chapter 1: Sabrewulf

Chapter 2: Orchid

Chapter 3: Tj Combo

Chapter 4: Glacius

Chapter 5: Cinder

Chapter 6: Fulgore

Chapter 7: Jago

Capcom Edit

Chapter 1: Ken

Chapter 2: Chun-Li

Chapter 3: Guile

Chapter 4: Guy

Chapter 5: Cody

Chapter 6: Birdie

Chapter 7: Akuma

Chapter 8: Ryu

Marvel Edit

Chapter 1: Spider Man

Chapter 2: Captain American

Chapter 3: Thor

Chapter 4: Wolverine

Chapter 5: Deadpool

Chapter 6: Doctor Doom

Chapter 7: Iron Man

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