Matias on Earth-3000 in Terminator: Hope of The Future
Full Name Unknown
Current Age Mid-Late 30's
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown San Francisco
Main Weapon(s) MR6 Pistol
Debut Terminator Genisys
Current Status(es) Alive (Earth-3000)
Deceased (Earth-680)
Affiliation(s) San Francisco Police Department (Earth-3000)
The Hero Coalition (Earth-135)

"Just so you know, I'm not too good with Alternate Realities and that. So I might not be able to keep up here."

- Matias to Clementine and O'Brien during the latters' explanation about their arrival on Earth-3000 (Terminator: Hope of The Future)

Lieutenant Matias is a member of the San Francisco Police Department and high-ranking member of The Hero Coalition during the War Against the Villain Armada on Earth-135. On Earth-3000, Matias is a member of the SFPD appearing in both Terminator Genisys and Terminator: Hope of The Future. He is one of the few characters to deal with incidents that involve Terminators and remain alive (so far, I'm still trying to decide whether or not I'll kill him off in the end of the new Terminator game).

Biography Edit

Events of Terminator Genisys (Earth-680) Edit

VGF-Insignia SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details follow.

In the year 2017 (on Earth-680), Matias was part of an FBI Investigation Team and was its de-facto leader during the 2017 Cyberdyne Incident. Chronologically, this takes place after Terminator: Hope of The Future, but there are hints that both Timelines are happening concurrently.

After Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor travelled to 2017 from the year 1984 (after Kyle came from the year 2029), Matias was part of the Team that arrested the two upon their arrival on a Highway, which caused a traffic jam and huge panic.

Upon finding that Reese's fingerprints matched that of a younger Kyle (the 11 year old one seen in Hope of the Future, only this time is 13, due to the year in that Timeline being 2017), Matias and his team treated the wounds that Kyle and Sarah received from going through Time, and later left them alone. However, the fortunate arrival of John Connor, Kyle and Sarah's son, allowed them to escape.

However, after John revealed himself as the T-3000 and engaged in a massive fight and chase across the Golden Gate Bridge, Matias confronted the two (along with the Guardian T-800, 'Pops') again and arrested them a second time. This time, the 13 year old Kyle Reese was brought in along with his parents to identify the older Kyle. However, the questioning was inconclusive. Later, the T-3000 attacked the Police Station and killed several Officers.

Matias was subsequently killed during the T-3000's initial attack, being shot in the chest. However, he provided enough time for Detective O'Brien (another major character in Terminator: Hope of The Future) to escape, serving as a good kill to replace O'Brien. This also allowed Sarah to escape and get the young Kyle away from the chaotic battle.

VGF-Insignia Spoilers end here.

Concurrent Timelines (Earth-3000) Edit

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