Mugen vs Fusionfall is a third World Collide of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

New Characters Edit

Playstation Freedom Force Mugen Fusionfall Side Among Us Warhammer 40k
Radec Nuclear Winter Hellboy Johnny Bravo Dafen Tyranids
Sweet Tooth The Ant Twilight Vilgax Gybler Space Marines
Kat Timemaster Jeff The Killer Blossom Vellina Tau Empire
Pyramid Head Man Bot Zeltaos Tom Blavid Sister of Battle
Sly Cooper Tombstone Omega Jerry Heanil Orks
Bakholl El Diablo Xelo Ben 10 Elliot Necrons
Dante Minuteman Kary Samurai Jack Zallena Imperial Guard
Kratos Mentor Freddy Krueger Mojo Dojo Guarnam Eldar
Camelita Fox Bullet Jason Voorhess Eddy Wihno Dark Eldar
Crash Shadow Slenderman Khyber Tefil Chaos Space Marines
Spyro Alchemiss Predator Dexter Revadehn Soulcotion

Story Mode Edit

Playstation Edit

Chapter 1: Sly Cooper

Chapter 2: Kat

Chapter 3: Dante

Chapter 4: Crash

Chapter 5: Spyro

Chapter 6: Sweet Tooth

Chapter 7: Radec

Chapter 8: Kratos

Freedom Force Edit

Chapter 1: Man Bot

Chapter 2: Alchemiss

Chapter 3: El Diablo

Chapter 4: The Ant

Chapter 5: Tombstone

Chapter 6: Nuclear Winter

Chapter 7: Minuteman

Mugen Edit

Chapter 1: Xelo

Chapter 2: Twilight

Chapter 3: Hellboy

Chapter 4: Jeff the Killer

Chapter 5: Slenderman

Chapter 6: Jason Voorhess

Chapter 7: Freedy Krueger

Chapter 8: Omega

Fusionfall Edit

Chapter 1: Dexter

Chapter 2: Blossom

Chapter 3: Johnny Bravo

Chapter 4: Tom

Chapter 5: Jerry

Chapter 6: Khyber

Chapter 7: Ben 10

Side Among Us Edit

Chapter 1: Gybler

Chapter 2: Zallena

Chapter 3: Guarnam

Chapter 4: Wihno

Chapter 5: Tefil

Chapter 6: Heanil

Chapter 7: Dafen

Warhammer 40k Edit

Chapter 1: Imperial Guard

Chapter 2: Eldar

Chapter 3: Tau Empire

Chapter 4: Necrons

Chapter 5: Dark Eldar

Chapter 6: Orks

Chapter 7: Chaos Space Marines

Chapter 8: Space Marines

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