Multiversal Forest
Corvus Krueger BO3
The Multiversal Forest in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Greater Location None
Capital N/A
Current Ruler Unknown
Population Infinite Numbers
Environment Snowy Forest
First Appearance Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Latest Appearance War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead

"Listen only to the sound of my voice. Let your mind relax. Let your thoughts drift. Let the bad memories fade. Let peace be upon you. Surrender yourself to your dreams. Let them wash over you like the gentle waves of the bluest Ocean. Let them envelop you. Comfort you.

Imagine somewhere calm. Imagine somewhere safe. Imagine yourself in a Multiversal Forest. You're standing in a clearing. Trees around you so tall, they touch the Sky, with millions upon billions of Earths as clouds. Pure white snowflakes fall all around. You can feel them melt on your skin. You are not cold. It cannot overcome the warmth of your beating Heart. Can you hear it? You only have to listen!

You hear it slowing? You're slowing it! You are in control. Calm. At peace. Imagine yourself... In a Multiversal Forest!"

- Edwin Jenner telling Clementine about the Multiversal Forest

The Multiversal Forest, also called the Frozen Forest, is an unseen location in War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead. It is a landscape within The Multiverse which is seen by the characters as a Utopian Heaven simulating life after death. It is also seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops III as the Frozen Forest, and is ultimately under the control of an Artificial Intelligence known as 'Corvus'. Although Corvus is the ruler of the Multiversal Forest in Black Ops III, it is unknown who rules it in War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead.

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