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 Twelve heroes of the twelve elements has been corrupted with the power that were offered to them. A secret legion between 200 beings that were against the corrupt minds of the heroes were called upon. Only 3 are known to be alive to this day. The war isn't over. Even if only one remains alive. Welcome to the Multiversal Legion.  

Multiversal Legion (also known as 20XX: The Legion of Few) is a role-playing crossover game featuring characters from many franchises. The plot, as shown above, is about a war on the multiverse caused due a corruption into twelve heroes mind, whom started a corrupted democracy around the world.

This is the first of a planned series and it is based on games such as Final Fantasy, Super Robot Wars, MOTHER/Earthbound and Rose Warriors.




Available at startEdit

Available during Chapter 1Edit

  • Wonder White - The Wonderful 101 - Unlocked at the beginning of the chapter.
  • Wess - MOTHER 3 - Available by completing a sidequest involving Wess and Duster in Tazmily Village.
  • EVE - MOTHER - Available by collecting the EVE parts in Podunk.

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