Multiversal Security Forces
Logo of The MSF
Area(s) Served Global
Headquarters New Washington DC, NUSA
Number of Members 200,000,000
Current Leader Elias Walker
Notable Members David Walker
Logan Walker
Jacob Hendricks
Erin 'Battery' Baker
Krystof 'Firebreak' Hejek
First Appearance War Of Heroes: The Armada's Knights
Latest Appearance War Of Heroes: Scarecrow's Revenge
"Protect, Liberate, and Perserve Freedom!"

- Motto of The MSF

The Multiversal Security Forces, also known as the MSF (or Multiversal Police) is a friendly and protagonist Faction in the Post-Armada WOH Series, particularly War Of Heroes: The Armada's Knights and War Of Heroes: Scarecrow's Revenge.

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