This article is about the Political Party. For the Private Military Corporation, see Multiversal Security Forces.

Multiverse Security Council
Logo of the MSC
Area(s) Served Global
Headquarters Various Nation Capitals
Number of Members 2,000,000,000
Current Leader Various National Leaders
Notable Members Blake Everett
Aiden Pearce
Nicole Pearce
Elias Walker
First Appearance War Of Heroes: The Armada's Knights

"Preserve Freedom, Liberty, and Truth!"

- Motto of the MSC, 2015-Present

The Multiverse Security Council is the Political Government within the United Dimensions Coalition during the events of War Of Heroes: The Armada's Knights. It was founded after The Hero Coalition won the War Against the Villain Armada, and Earth-135 was rebuilt and United under one banner.

This sub-faction within the United Dimensions Coalition mostly handles law, Political factors and orders the Armies of The Multiverse to hunt down the remains of The Villain Armada. They are 100% democratic, and their influence has annihilated Dictatorship and Communism, destroying North Korea and China, then forcing the Communist Laos and Vietnam to join their freedom-preserving and Democratic political ring.

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