This is the list of music played in Netflix Smash Bros.: SpongeBob's Adventure. Some songs are remixes of original songs from other games, but permission was asked from the creators of these games to use them as remixes.

Title ScreenEdit

This theme is the music that plays in the SpongeBob lost episode, The Sponge Who Could Fly in the sequence when Patchy and Potty watch SpongeBob just do a series of walkcycles, which they thought was the lost episode, until the real one came on.

((Insert music here))

Main ThemeEdit

This music is a series remix of the main theme of Super Mario 64.

((Insert music here))

Puzzle Piece CollectionEdit

This short tune plays whenever SpongeBob collects a piece for the Smash Puzzle.

((Insert music here))

Bunnitan DoorsEdit

This music plays when SpongeBob enters a Bunnitan Door.

((Insert music here))

Borange CollectedEdit

This short tune plays when SpongeBob collects a Borange.

((Insert music here))

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