New Chicago was a Dystopian City that was founded after The War of The Multiverse, and it is where Jackson Pearce resides from 2016-Onwards.

Founding (2016)Edit

After the Sentinel Task Force, Hero Alliance and Maverick Hero Squad all won The War of The Multiverse in their respective realities and the whole Omnidroid Army was wiped out in all realities and Dimensions across the Multiverse, the United States Government [what was left of it] came out of hiding underground and began to rebuild the hundreds of cities that America had lost during the War. After the Nuclear Winter was over [the Nuclear Winter was a hardship for the Heroes during the war], the Government fully rebuilt these cities into futuristic versions of their pre-war counterparts, and among one of these cities, was Chicago, which was rebuilt into New Chicago!

To protect the citizens of New Chicago, the Government spent billions of dollars of research on destroyed Omnidroid corpses and scrapheaps that were found by the Hazmat Units during a Radiation Clean-up. These Omnidroid corpses were sent to laboratories across America. One of these leading and most profitable companies was Omni-Tech, the company that "bought" all of the corpses from the Government [NOTE: And by bought, I mean secretly smuggled!].

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