New Super Mario Bros 3D is the 2D and 3D game for Nintendo 3DS.

Story Edit

Mario, Luigi and Toad alongside Wario and Waluigi was watching TV. Then Bowser crashed in the castle and took every Toad. He dropped his Letter and the letter was for Mario. Mario Read the letter: Hey, Mario! You're not so good, but I took all of the Toads! Please, find me in the World 8's castle! So, I took my Hammer Bro. Krusher and go into adventure. Have a very nice journey! Much love, Your evil granddad Bowser.

Characters Edit

Playable Edit








Bosses Edit

World 1 Edit

Castle Boss: Bowser

Airship Boss: Bowser Jr.

Base Boss: Army Hammer Brother

World 2 Edit

Tower Boss: Boom Boom

Castle Boss: Dry Bowser

Airship Boss: Larry Koppa

Base Boss: Pokey Queen

World 3 Edit

Tower Boss: Boss Sumo Bro

Castle Boss: Dino Plant

Airship Boss: Iggy Koppa

Base Boss: King K.Rool

World 4 Edit

Tower Boss: Pom Pom

Castle Boss: Big Cheep

Airship Boss: Wendy O Koppa

Base Boss: Amazin Flyin Hammer Brother

World 5 Edit

Tower Boss: Renzor

Castle Boss: Morton Koppa Jr

Airship Boss: Roy Koppa

Base Boss: Evil Koopa Troopa Fight 1

World 6 Edit

Tower Boss: Boom Boom

Castle Boss: Sky Bowser

Airship Boss: Lemmy Koppa

Base Boss: Biokinkton

World 7 { Super Land } Edit

Tower Boss: Dry Bowser Jr

Castle Boss: Dry Bowser

Airship 1 Boss: Lugwig Von Koppa

Airship 2 Boss: Bowser Jr.

Airship 3 Boss: Evil Koopa Troopa Fight 2

World 8 Edit

Tower Boss: Dark Mario

Castle Boss: Bowser { Final }

World 9 Edit

No Bosses

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