Nintendo Anata
The Anata North American/PAL logo.
Developer ACL Games, Inc.
Console type Handheld
Forwards compatibility None

The Nintendo Anata is a fan-made video game console created by ACL Games, Inc. and released on August 22, 2012. The Anata's control panel is very similar to that of the Gameboy Advanced SP's. Originally, the system came with the system, a points card, a charger and a copy of Mario Kart: Duplicated for a total of $135.00 CAD. Like the Nintendo Mach-10 (and unlike the Wii U and 3DS), the Nintendo Anata also uses the new Nintendo Network II and includes the "Gamername" system (though only one Mii can be stored per profile). Like past systems created by Nintendo, such as the Mach-10, the Anata focuses heavily on online play, to compete with the Playstation and Xbox brands.

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  • The word Anata (アナタ Anata) is Japanese for the word "you".
  • The slogan for advertisements for the system included the phrase Anata and Mii.
    • This is based on the online feature.
    • The technical translation of the phrase is "You and Me".