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Nintendo Silver
The console.
Developer Keyhole Gaming
Console type Home console

Nintendo Silver is a 9th generation console maded by Keyhole Gaming. It is the sucessor of the Wii U, and have some new features like the possibility to play your disks on the tablet without putting the disk on the console itself. It is the first Nintendo console to have achievements similar to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

The Nintendo Silver also have their own portable version named Quicksilver, released in 2014. Nintendo Silver have backwards compatibility with the Wii U, Wii and Gamecube. It is also capable of connecting wirelessly to the Nintendo Epsilon. In 2018, the Silver successor, BL4ST was released.

In 2014, the Nintendo Silver Gold edition has been released. Now some games has been updated to the Gold edition, the Gold edition have a superior graphic card and a revamped controller, plus users can join into Keygroup in order to gain special prizes, such as exclusive games and exclusive apps for Silver Shop.


The Nintendo Silver was first announced on KG-CON 2013, as their first console with collaboration with Nintendo, showing various games that would be released to the console, like VOLT, by Fantasize StudiosThe Mystery by KG and The Rise of Darkness, by Creative Creations, Inc..

Nintendo Silver was finally released at the end of March 2013, in two different packs, Starter Pack, costing 225 dollars, with a free 1000 Points SilverShop Card with Koopalings and a free demo of The Mystery and Deluxe Pack, costing 550 dollars, with a free 1500 Points SilverShop Card, 12-month premium membership and three free games: KoopalingsVOLT and The Rise of Darkness, along The Mystery demo and a special screenpack for the HUD.


  • Mail - Send or recieve messages from your friends!
  • Mii - Create your Mii and use it on Nintendo Silver's games as your avatar! You can also share your Miis with other friends!
  • YouTube - Watch videos about anything at any time! You can also record your gameplay footage and share with your friends and people on your Youtube account.
  • silverShop & Silver World - Buy games and put them directly on your console! You can also talk with your friends and interact with them on Silver World!
  • Virtual Console: Download classic games from the NES, SNES, N64, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Turbo Grafx-16 and Arcade here!
  • Internet: Access the internet from here! Talk with your family and friends on social media or simply find news, or anything new that might be interesting for you!
  • Netflix: Watch to any series or movies on HD on Netflix! You have a free month to test out Netflix!
  • Games: If you downloaded any games from sShop, they will be here! On the second row of the menu!
  • SD Card: Store games, apps or game saves on your SD Card!


Game Title Developer Publisher Release Year NS Gold Support? SS Downloadble?
Adventure Time 2: The Chronicles of the Farmworld The Tris Company Blecki Hearts Productions 2012 No. Yes.
Chao Party The Tris Company The Tris Company 2012 No. Yes.
Fantendo Christmas Party The Tris Company The Tris Company 2012 No. Yes.
Charnelon the Blue Ninja The Tris Company Nintendo 2012 No. Yes.
Locky's Game Land Keyhole Gaming Fantendo 2012 No. Yes.
Mario & Luigi: The New Saga of Trouble Freezy Games Inc. Freezy Games Inc. 2012 No. Yes.
Mega Man 25th Anniversary: Wily's Return Capcom Capcom 2012 No. Yes.
New Super Mario Bros. Silver UniversalGaming Inc. UniversalGaming, Inc. 2012 No. Yes.
Nintendo Smash Kart The Tris Company Nintendo 2012 No. Yes.
Project X Earth Iceboys12co. Iceboys12co. 2012 Yes. Yes.
Super Fantendo Squad Go! The Tris Company Fantendo 2012 No. Yes.
Wounded Power Productions Power Productions 2012 No. Yes.
Pikaquest (Series) Scrapple Fantendo 2012 Yes Yes
Anime Kart Racing Festival The Tris Company The Tris Company 2013 No. Yes.
Boom Boom: Mystery of the Koopa Troop MGX Studios MGX Studios 2013 No. Yes.
Cartoon Network vs. Nintendo: Grand Prix MGX Studios MGX Studios 2013 No. Yes.
Epic Mario Nintendo Nintendo 2013 No. Yes.
Extreme Fighters 2: Modern Warfare Keyhole Gaming Keyhole Gaming 2013 No. Yes.
Fantendo Figurine Fighters Brock Productions Nintendo/Fantendo 2013 No. Yes.
Fantendo Free-For-All Fantasize Studios Fantendo 2013 No. Yes.
Fantendo Kittens Fantendo Fantendo 2013 No. Yes.
Glitch 1-UP INC. 1-UP INC. 2013 No. Yes.
Mario Kart: Radical Dash Retro Studios Nintendo 2013 No. Yes.
Mega Man & Kirby: The Worlds Collide Capcom Nintendo 2013 No. Yes.
Nintendo Unlimited SuyoGames/Brock Productions Nintendo 2013 No. Yes.
Mighty Willy Powers Rowan Productions Rowan Productions 2013 No. Yes.
Sega All-Star Battle Keyhole Gaming Sega 2013 Yes. Yes.
Sonic Twilight Keyhole Gaming Sega 2013 No. Yes.
The Mystery Keyhole Gaming Keyhole Gaming 2013 No. Yes.
The Rise of Darkness Creative Creations, Inc. Nintendo 2013 No. Yes.
The Wonderful Nintendo 101 Keyhole Gaming Nintendo 2013 No. Yes.
VOLT Fantasize Studios Fantendo 2013 No. Yes.
VOLT: Second Impact Fantasize Studios Fantendo 2013 No. Yes.
Cartoon Network vs. Sega: Sports Clash Fantendo MGX Studios 2014 No. Yes.
Masterpiece: The Fall of the Tommorow Keyhole Gaming Keyhole Gaming 2014 No. Yes.
Paper Mario: Hallway to Doom Locked Gaming Nintendo 2014 No. Yes.
VOLT: Trinity Fantasize Studios Fantendo 2014 No. Yes.
Fantendo Kart X Locked Gaming Fantendo 2015 No. Yes.
Mighty Willy Fights Rowan Productions Rowan Productions 2015 No. Yes.
Digimon Revolution Keyhole Gaming Keyhole Gaming TBA No. Yes.
Fantendo Riders: Boost Mystery Person Studios Mystery Person Studios TBA No. Yes.
Fantendo SuperStar Racing The Tris Company Fantendo TBA No. Yes.
Fantendo Warriors Brock Productions Fantendo TBA No. Yes.
Koopalings Keyhole Gaming Nintendo TBA No. Yes.
Locky's Game Land 3: New Age of Brawl Keyhole Gaming Keyhole Gaming TBA No. Yes.
New Super Mario Bros. Damaged Rowan Productions Rowan Productions TBA No. Yes.
Super Mario Silver Spurs: Dimensional Duos MGX Studios Fantendo TBA No. Yes.
Super PC Smash Bros. Keyhole Gaming Valve Software TBA No. Yes.
Super Smash Bros. Ascension Locked Gaming Locked Gaming TBA No. Yes.
The Fantendo Mighty Warriors Mystery Person Studios Mystery Person Studios TBA No. Yes.
Willy Kart: Racing Unleashed Rowan Productions Rowan Productions TBA No. Yes.
Mario Kart Silver Orange Productions Nintendo 2014 Yes. No.


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