Nintendo vs. Capcom is a crossover fighting game, featuring characters from Nintendo and Capcom. It will launch on the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch, while it releases on December 2017, for a worldwide release.


There are a total of 80 (81, if you count Mii) playable characters in the game. Note that Bolded are unlockables and shaded cells have no character representative.

Playable CharactersEdit

Nintendo characters Capcom characters Guest characters
Little Mac Batsu
Mario Mega Man
Samus Aran Ryu

Both sides have 36 characters each. For the first time, in the Capcom VS series, the game features guest characters (their appearance is resembling their SSB4 render), which includes SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog and Bandai Namco's Pac-Man, to name a few.

Character Rivalries

  • Mario vs. Ryu: Both are the mascot/most popular characters of both companies. Mario is the mascot of Nintendo and Ryu is the mascot of Capcom.
  • Samus Aran vs. Mega Man: Both have a weapon, beased on shooting and haven't had a recent main-series title in the past years.
  • Little Mac vs. Batsu: Both have a boxing-style moveset and are considered boxers, though Little Mac is an official boxer while Batsu is just puncher, due to Rival Schools.

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