The Omni-Tech Military Police is the main protagonist faction in the Dystopia of Cities game, and the law enforcement and PMC Contractor for New Chicago. It has over 150,000 members, most of those who formerly fought in and survived The War of The Multiverse, such as Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce, the main protagonist of the Dystopia Game Series. The members of the OTMP use the RE-105 Exo Suit [from Advanced Warfare], which was created using technology and parts from the millions of destroyed Omnidroids that were scattered across the battlefield of the War of The Multiverse.

Weaponry and Future TechEdit

Assault RiflesEdit


Submachine GunsEdit


Plasma RiflesEdit

M12A41 Long Range Plasma Rifle
M111A30 Close Quarters Plasma Rifle
EM1 Quantum Direct Energy Weapon


OMNI-TECH 45 Pistol
RW1 High-Velocity One-Shot Pistol
MP-443 GRACH Pistol


MORS Sniper [Made from Omni-Tech]
Lynx Sniper Rifle
XMG-35 Sniper
OMNI-TECH 50 CAL. Sniper


FP6 Shotgun
OMNI-TECH Laser Shotgun

In all of the Dystopia missions, Jacks carries an MTS-225 Shotgun that he used in The War of The Multiverse to kill several Omnidroid Scouts.

Accolades [Post-Atlas]Edit

Here is a list of accolades that the OTMP has won. These include their service to their respective nation and their Private Military Operations. Many of these accolades are similar to the Advanced Warfare PMC: Atlas:

Rebuilt every city in the United States in 2 years, as opposed to what the Government could do in 50 years.

Is the #1 PMC in the world, and completes every mission it's soldiers are sent on.

After the fall of Atlas, it is the largest corporation in the world.

OTMP is known as "Savior" of the First and Third World countries.

Achieved higher approval rating than even the now-disbanded Sentinel Task Force and Hero Alliance [year 2030].

Created the most controllable and Advanced Omnidroid Technology in the world.

Recipient of the 2031 Advanced Technology Award, due to their invention of the RE-105 Exo.

Most profitable PMC in the world and has a 99% approval rating, apart from the 1% who want them taken down.

Second [and first in their Dimension] PMC to earn a major seat on the United Nations Security Council [or the reestablished United Dimensions Security Council, which is more major].

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