The Omnidroid Legion is a massive army of enemies in the Incredibles: Multiverse Wars Series, and one of several Enemy Types in Call Of The Watch Dogs: Future Shock. There are several different variants of the Omnidroid that are numbered (e.g. Omnidroid V.2, V.5, V.12) in accordance with how advanced said model is. The Legion was originally created by Syndrome, with 10 Original Omnidroids (which were all destroyed by The Incredibles and other Heroes in the Incredibles Movie) set for an Invasion known as Operation: Kronos (in which 10 Omnidroids were sent to destroy the city of Metroville), however all Original Omnidroids were destroyed.

Original Omnidroids Edit

These are the Omnidroids that were seen in The Incredibles Movie (2004). This contains information seen in Syndrome's Base during the actual movie:

  • Omnidroid V.1 - Killed 3 Superhumans, before being destroyed by Macroburst
  • Omnidroid V.2 - Killed Macroburst and 2 others, destroyed by Downburst
  • Omnidroid V.3 - Killed Downburst, destroyed by Hypershock
  • Omnidroid V.4 - Killed 5 Superhumans, destroyed by Gazerbeam
  • Omnidroid V.5 - Killed Gazerbeam and Stormicide, destroyed by Gamma Jack
  • Omnidroid V.6 - Killed Gamma Jack, replaced by Omnidroid V.7 for unknown reasons (Movie doesn't show it)
  • Omnidroid V.7 - Originally meant to fight Mr. Incredible, but Upgraded into Omnidroid V.8
  • Omnidroid V.8 - Killed by Mr. Incredible during the Incredibles Movie on Syndrome's Island
  • Omnidroid V.9 - Defeated Mr. Incredible after lengthy fight, spared his life and replaced by Omnidroid V.10
  • Omnidroid V.10 - Attacked Metroville during Operation: Kronos, killed 120 Civilians, defeated by Incredibles

New Omnidroids Edit

These are the New Omnidroids that are part of the Omnidroid Legion, seen in the Multiverse Wars Series and Call Of The Watch Dogs: Future Shock.

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