Omnidroid V.13
Full Name Dashiell Robert Parr
Current Age 20
Date of Birth May 21st, 1994
Gender Male
Species Human-Omnidroid Hybrid
Hometown Metroville
Class Cyborg Villain
Villain Lord
Main Weapon(s) Nano-Blades
Main Element(s) Nanotechnology
Vulnerable to Magnetic Fields
Debut Incredibles: Dawn of Fate
Current Status(es) Destroyed (later resurrected as Omnidroid V.15)
Main Ability/ies Limb Regeneration
Healing Factor
Nano Swarm Integration
Affiliation(s) The Villain Armada
Alias(es) None
Relation(s) Robert Parr (father)
Helen Parr (mother)
Violet Parr (sister)
Jack Parr (younger brother)
Ozone (mentor and colleague)

The Omnidroid V.13 is a Human-Omnidroid Hybrid in Incredibles: Dawn of Fate, a member of The Villain Armada and the main antagonist of Dawn of Fate. Formerly Dashiell Parr, he was assimilated by Ozone, who infected him with Nanotechnological Omnidroid Matter (or Nanomachines for short) at the end of Earth-135's War Against the Villain Armada.

He was killed at the end of Incredibles: Dawn of Fate after a lengthy Helicopter Chase across Metroville and a final battle with Kyle Reese, Clementine Everett, Dashill Parr and O'Brien. He was killed when Kyle threw him into a Reality Terrain Device, resulting in the Magnetic Field ripping his Nanotechnological Chassis apart and resulting in an explosion that destroyed the entire Omnidroid Industries Building and the whole Omnidroid Legion. This resulted in the Quantum Project being shut down and the War Against the Villain Armada was averted on Earth-135.

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