Sith Stalker
The Alternate Ozone as a member of the Knights of The Armada
Full Name Unknown
Current Age 35
Date of Birth 1981 (Earth-680)
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown Unknown
Main Weapon(s) Plasma Sword
Debut Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Current Status(es) Deceased
Main Ability/ies Expert Marksman and Martial Artist
Affiliation(s) The Villain Order
Knights of The Armada
Alias(es) The Blasphemer (by Armadeus Ren)
The Impostor
Relation(s) Scarecrow (Brother)

"I am Ozone, Ren! Although I am not of this Reality, we must work together to destroy the Coalition... And Kyle Reese!"

- Ozone talking to Armadeus Ren

Ozone is one of the newly revealed antagonists in War Of Heroes: The Armada's Knights, and one of the very few Reality-travelling antagonists in the Series. In the game, he has traveled from Earth-680 in order to kill Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett, while also trying to bring ruin to the United Dimensions Coalition.

He is a member of the Knights of The Armada, but has an extremely shaky relationship with them. The reason for this: he is considered an "Ozone Impostor", and a "Blasphemer of the Villain Armada", due to him coming from another Reality and calling himself the 'Ultimate Villain Lord'.

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