PD Project
PD Project symbol
The PD Project emblem, depicting Shadow Celebi
Area(s) Served Orre
Current Leader Ardos
First Appearance Pokémon PD: Twilight Squall

The PD Project is the successor to the criminal organization Cipher, created by Ardos, the son of the former head of Cipher. The PD Project was created with the aim of perfecting the process of closing the doors to the hearts of Pokémon, thus creating Shadow Pokémon. The "PD" in the group's name stands for "Perfect Darkness", alluding to this.

The group serves as the main antagonistic force of Pokémon PD: Twilight Squall, where they aim to stop the purification of all Shadow Pokémon by closing the door to Celebi's heart and transforming it into Shadow Celebi.

History Edit

While Greevil was arrested after his defeat at the hands of Michael, Eldes and Ardos were allowed to go free, being declared not guilty as they were thought to have been forced to participate in the scheme by their father, but nonetheless were ordered to serve as the challengers of the Orre Colosseum. While most of the admins slowly became fond of their new professions, Ardos remained invested in his father's work, and willed to continue it.

In secret, Ardos started up the PD Project in the Cipher Lab located north of Realgam Tower, the same laboratory used by Ein and Lovrina in the past. From there, the project grew to the size that it is in the beginning of Twilight Squall. The project was founded nine years after the events of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, and the next six years were spent recruiting scientists and others in order people in order to further their research.

Known Members Edit

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