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Pac-Man Outer Space is the Game for Wii U, Xbox One and Nintendo 3ds. it was Released Summer 2014.

Story Edit

Pac-Man was Walking to the Round House Because The President Wanted to See Him. But the Giant Robot Pick Up the Round House. Im Apex Said Apex And I Wanted to Take Over the Pac-Land and By Stealing the President and the King of Ghost Land. Apex Went Up to Outer Space. Pac-Man flew up to Space.

Playable Edit


Bosses Edit

1. Pointy Minions [ Galaxy 1 to Galaxy 6 ]

2.Points Brains

3. Apex

Worlds Edit



Ball Galaxy

Master Alien Galaxy

Rock and Roll Galaxy

Space Clouds Galaxy

Evil Pointy Alien Galaxy

Planet Pointy Head

See Also Edit

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

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