Paintball Arena
Paintball Arena
A similar appearance

Stage Info

Size: Medium
How to Unlock: Default
Music The Fox - Ylvis (Instrumental Edit)
Map Paintball Arena Map
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Paintball Arena is the default stage in Side Scroll that is based on a regular Paintball Arena.


This stage is a typical Paintballing Arena, great for beginners to get used to combat games. There are also a variety of props in the map as well making it another good place for Prop Hunt beginners to play on. It is a medium sized map and on the flat landscape are a variety of barriers to hide behind as well as a couple of huts that the players can enter for various reasons depending on the game mode.

Default BOTSEdit

If other players join, Black, Grey and White Paintballer will be replaced by their choices.

Default WeaponsEdit

  • Silenced Pistol (Start gun for characters)
  • Shotgun x6
  • Sniper Rifle x3
  • Grenade Launcher x1


Ammo for the Silenced Pistols, Shotguns and Sniper Rifles are located in the various huts around the map. There is no extra ammo for the Grenade Launcher meaning it can only be reused if dropped and picked up once it has re-spawned.

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