Pani Poni Fighter Turbo
Pani Poni Fighter Turbo Box Art 4
Box Art (Bandai CD Revolution)
Developer Azumanga Interactive
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Platform Bandai Extreme
Bandai Revolution
Bandai CD
Bandai CD Revolution
Genre Fighting
Modes 2 Players
Ratings T for Teen

Pani Poni Fighter Turbo is a fighting game featuring characters from the anime series "Pani Poni Dash!" developed by Azumanga Interactive and published by Bandai Namco Games for the Bandai Extreme, Bandai Revolution, Bandai CD, and Bandai CD Revolution.

The game is nearly identical to Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo with the same moves, but are enhanced with new power effects like fire, ice, smoke, and more. Each character have moves from the Marvel Vs. Capcom games.

The game also adds a Watch Mode to watch 2 CPUs fighting against each other. If you set the difficulty level lower or higher, and change the timer, it will be effective in Watch Mode.


See Super Street Fighter 2 Gameplay

Playable CharactersEdit

There are 16 playable characters and one secret character, each character has moves as the characters in the Marvel Vs. Capcom games:

Character Name Moves
Rebecca (PPD) Rebecca Miyamoto Morrigan's Moves
Himeko (PPD) Himeko Katagiri Dan's Moves
Rei (PPD) Rei Tachibana Sagat's Moves
Kurumi (PPD) Kurumi Momose Ruby Heart's Moves
Miyako (PPD) Miyako Uehara Cammy's Moves
Sayaka (PPD) Sayaka Suzuki Chun-Li's Moves
Ichijo (PPD) Ichijo Jin's Moves
Miyuki (PPD) Miyuki Igarashi Psylocke's Moves
Shu (PPD) Shu Momose Ryu's Moves
Saotome (PPD) Saotome Charlie's Moves
Zula (PPD) Zula Zangief's Moves
Suzune (PPD) Suzune Shiratori Sakura's Moves
Hibiki (PPD) Hibiki Watanuki Captain Commando's Moves
Akane (PPD) Akane Serizawa Sabretooth's Moves
Behoimi (PPD) Behoimi Silver Samurai's Moves
Tsurugi (PPD) Tsurugi Inugami M.Bison's Moves

Secret CharacterEdit

Character Name Moves
Old Geezer (PPD) Old Geezer Akuma's Moves

Box ArtEdit

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