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"what we know is unknown"

- Foxy on Night 2 and 3 to Mangle

Characters Edit






*Golden Freddy


*Toy Freddy

*Toy Bonnie

*Toy Chica



Night 1 Edit

The Hero Leauge

Night 2 Edit

Night 3 Edit

Night 4 Edit

Night 5 Edit

Night 6 Edit

Night 7 Edit

Night 8 Edit

Night 9 Edit

Night 10 Edit

Night 11 Edit

Night 12 Edit

Night 13 Edit

Night 14 Edit

Night 15 Edit

Night 16 Bonus Night Edit


The Villain League returns from Night 10

The Secret Alliance reveals themselves

Everyone is shocked that Puppet and Golden Freddy teamed up

Puppet is part of the Villain League meaning this is his last game where he and Golden Freddy are friends

Human League dies from Villain League

Win: the League returns to Freddy's

Lose: The Hero League returns to Freddy's

soon after everyone is back

Rating Edit


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