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Paper Mario: The Crystal Coronetta is a game for the Nintendo 4DS.

Story Edit

Prologue: The Gods of Time Edit

The game begins with the story of Solaria and Lunario, the Gods of Time. The two were cast with the job of making sure the world got day and night. Lunario, however, strayed from his job and cast an eternal night on the planet, becoming Lord Obscurité. Solaria trapped him in the Mystic Cape and herself in the Crystal Coronetta, sealing most of their powers away in two orbs, which kept the world in balance for millions of years.

In the present time, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach are taking a vacation to the Champion Kingdom. Mario suddenly gets knocked over by a strange girl, who challenges him to a fight. After getting beat, the girl runs off, and Mario gets knocked over yet again by Luigi, who had just seen them and rushed over, knocking over Mario by accident. Bowser then arrives and kidnaps Peach, prompting Mario to go through Thorn Forest to save her at Champion's Circle. At the circle, Bowser tries to get Peach to play the Flute of Light, but she refuses. He then has Kammy Koopa perform a spell, and Peach eventually succumbs to Kammy's magic. A pedastal containing the Silver Stars rises, and Bowser tries to steal them, but gets stopped by Mario. Then, the same girl, now wearing the Mystic Cape, appears and drains Mario's HP to 1. After introducing herself as Coco, she annihilates Mario, then banishes him and his friends to the Great Abyss.

To be continued...