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Park of Goliaths is a extinct animal tycoon game. It is developed by Wildcard Studio and released on Stream. You can place over a hundred animals, both placeable and in mini-exhibits. An animal that is underlined will be in a mini-exhibit, and the mini-exhibit it is in will be in parentheses. An animal that isn't in a mini-exhibit will not be underlined.

Pre-Cambrian AnimalsEdit

Pre-Cambrian BiotaEdit

  • Mawsonites (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Prokaryote (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Eukaryote (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Jellyfish Type one (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Jellyfish Type two (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Man o' War (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • ​Brain Coral (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Table Coral (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Fire Coral (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Clam (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Sea Anemone (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Star Fish Type one (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Star Fish Type two (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)
  • Brittlestar (Pre-Cambrian Aquarium)

Palaeozoic AnimalsEdit


  • Charnia (Ediacaran Aquarium)
  • ​Rangea (Ediacaran Aquarium)
  • Charniodiscus (Ediacaran Aquarium)
  • Bradgatia (Ediacaran Aquarium)
  • Primocandelabrum (Ediacaran Aquarium)
  • Swarpuntia <u>(Ediacaran Aquarium)


  • <u>Spriggina (Ediacaran Aquarium)
  • Dickinsonia (Ediacaran Aquarium)
  • Vendia (Ediacaran Aquarium)
  • Paravendia (Ediacaran Aquarium)


  • Ottoia (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank One)
  • Selkirkia (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank One)
  • Ancalagon (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank One)
  • Fieldia (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank One)


  • Pikaia (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank One)


  • Haplophrentis (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank One)

Incertae Sedis Edit

  • Ruthenoceras (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank One)


  • Anomalocaris (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Two)
  • Schinderhannes (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Two)
  • Tamisiocaris (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Two)
  • Aegirocrassis (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Two)
  • Leanchoilia (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Two)
  • Sanctacaris (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Two)
  • Jaekelopterus (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Three)
  • Mixopterus (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Three)
  • Stylonurus (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Three)
  • Hibbertopterus (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Three)
  • Eurypterus (Bug House)
  • Opabinia (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Four)
  • Isotelus (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Four)
  • Arthropluera (Bug House)
  • Pulmonoscorpius (Bug House)
  • Meganeura (Bug House)
  • Eoarthropleura (Bug House)
  • Mazothairos (Bug House)
  • Archimylacris (Bug House)
  • Cothurnocystis (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Four)


  • Wiwaxia (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Five)
  • Orthrozanclus (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Five)
  • Cameroceras (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Five)
  • Orthoceras (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Five)
  • Endoceras (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Five)


  • Hallucigenia (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank One)


  • Acanthostega (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Hynerpeton (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Tulerpeton (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Crassigyrinus (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Diplocaulus (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Rhynchonkos (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Lysorophus (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Oestocephalus (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Brachydectes (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Diploceraspis
  • Phlegethontia
  • Microposaurus
  • Gephyrostegus (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Seymouria (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Proterogyrinus
  • Ichthyostega
  • Prionosuchus
  • Eryops
  • Konzhukovia (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Archegosaurus (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Tuditanus (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)
  • Platyhystrix (From Water to Land- Amphibian House)

Synapsida Edit

*Therapsida Edit

  • Dicynodontoides (Reptile House- Permian Terrarium)
  • Diictodon (Reptile House- Permian Terrarium)
  • Dicynodon (Reptile House- Permian Terrarium)
  • Eodicynodon (Reptile House- Permian Terrarium)
  • Moschops
  • Styracocephalus
  • Tapinocephalus
  • Estemmenosuchus
  • Inostrancevia
  • Sauroctonus
  • Lycaenops
  • Eoarctops
  • Biarmosuchus

*Pelycosauria Edit

  • Caseoides (Reptile House- Permian Terrarium)
  • Cotylorhynchus
  • Ennatosaurus
  • Casea
  • Knoxosaurus
  • Eothyris (Reptile House- Permian Terrarium)
  • Oedaleops (Reptile House- Permian Terrarium)
  • Ophiacodon
  • Secodontosaurus
  • Edaphosaurus
  • Ianthasaurus (Reptile House- Carboniferous Terrarium)
  • Dimetrodon natalis
  • Dimetrodon loomisi
  • Dimetrodon grandis
  • Dimetrodon angelensis
  • Dimetrodon borealis
  • Archaeovenator (Reptile House- Carboniferous Terrarium)

Reptilia Edit

  • Scutosaurus
  • Deltavjatia
  • Bunostegos
  • Pareiasaurus
  • Elginia
  • Hovasaurus
  • Protorosaurus
  • Mesosaurus (Reptile House- Permian Terrarium)
  • Hylonomus (Reptile House- Carboniferous Terrarium)
  • Petrolacosaurus (Reptile House- Carboniferous Terrarium)
  • Milleretta (Reptile House- Carboniferous Terrarium)

Fish Edit

  • Haikouichthys (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank One)
  • Cephalaspis (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Six)
  • Drepanaspis (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Six)
  • Hoelaspis (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Six)
  • Tauraspis (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Six)
  • Pterichthyodes (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Seven)
  • Cheirolepis (Palaezoic Aquarium- Tank Seven)
  • Dipterus (From Water to Land- Lobe-Fin Tank)
  • Hemicyclaspis (From Water to Land- Lobe-Fin Tank)
  • Tiktaalik (From Water to Land- Lobe-Fin Tank)
  • Eusthenoerpeton (From Water to Land- Lobe-Fin Tank)
  • Panderichthys (From Water to Land- Lobe-Fin Tank)
  • Latimeria (From Water to Land- Lobe-Fin Tank)
  • Diandongpetalicthys (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Eight)
  • Bothriolepis (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Eight)
  • Titanichthys
  • Coccosteus
  • Dunkleosteus
  • Brindabellaspis (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Eight)
  • Rhamphodopsis (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Eight)
  • Lunaspis (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Eight)
  • Pseudopetalichthys (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Eight)
  • Stensioella (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Eight)
  • Akmonistion (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Nine)
  • Symmorium (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Nine)
  • Xenacanthus (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Nine)
  • Orthacanthus
  • Cladoselache
  • Stethacanthus
  • Hyneria (From Water to Land- Lobe-Fin Tank)
  • Onychodus
  • Rhizodus
  • Helicoprion
  • Edesteus
  • Parahelicoprion
  • Sarcoprion
  • Listracanthus (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Ten)
  • Caseodus (Palaeozoic Aquarium- Tank Ten)

Mesozoic Animals Edit

Archosauria Edit

*Dinosauria Edit

**Ornithosuchia Edit
***Marginocephalia Edit
  • Triceratops
  • Torosaurus
  • Chasmosaurus
  • Kosmoceratops
  • Anchiceratops
  • Arrhinoceratops
  • Styracosaurus
  • Centrosaurus
  • Rubeosaurus
  • Avaceratops
  • Einiosaurus
  • Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Nasutoceratops
  • Protoceratops
  • Koreaceratops
  • Psittacosaurus
  • Helioceratops
  • Microceratus (Mini-Herbivore House)
  • Aquilops (Mini-Herbivore House)
  • Micropachycephalosaurus (Mini-Herbivore House)
  • Yinlong (Mini-Herbivore House)
  • Goyocephale (Mini-Herbivore House)
  • Amtocephale (Mini-Herbivore House)
  • Gravitholus
  • Prenocephale
  • Stegoceras
  • Pachycephalosaurus
***Pisanosaurids Edit
  • Pisanosaurus (Mini-Herbivore House)
***Neornithisuchia Edit
  • Hexinlusaurus
  • Xiaosaurus (Mini-Herbivore House)
  • Kulindadromeus (House of the Dinosaur Bird)
  • Haya (Mini-Herbivore House)
***Genasauria Edit
  • Lesothosaurus
  • Notohypsilophdon (Mini-Herbivore House)
  • Oryctodromeus (Mini-Herbivore House)
***Heterodontosauria Edit
  • Heterodontosaurus
  • Pegomastax
  • Tianyulong
  • Fruitadens (Mini-Herbivore House)

**Saurisuchia Edit

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