#000 000MS Passimian
ナゲツケサル Nagetsukesaru
Teamwork Pokémon
Abilities Receiver
Pokédex Colour Black
Egg Groups Unknown Egg Group

Passimian (Japanese: ナゲツケサル Nagetsukesaru) is a  Fighting -type Pokémon.

Biology Edit

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 Passimian is a Pokémon that only appears in Pokémon Sun. If you’re playing Pokémon Moon, you can obtain it by trading with someone playing Pokémon Sun. Passimian live in troops of 20 to 30 individuals, all following a leader. This leader will take 10 of the individuals in the best condition to search for food. The troop’s teamwork is strong, and the boss of each troop decides what mark members will wear on their arms to distinguish the troops. The boss puts the troop members through training to improve their coordination with one another and their skill in handling Berries. Apparently this training is so hard that some Passimian end up running away. Lobbing Berries at foes is how Passimian attack. They sometimes work in coordination with others, passing Berries back and forth to bewilder their opponents. Passimian don’t just pitch hard Berries at opponents, either—they also have a technique that uses soft Berries to obscure their opponent’s ability to see. Passimian wants its Trainer to have the qualities of a leader as well. It watches a Trainer’s form closely when he or she throws Poké Balls, and will not listen to the orders of a Trainer with poor form. Passimian has a new Ability, Receiver, which no other Pokémon has previously had. With the Receiver Ability, this Pokémon can inherit the Ability of an ally who faints in battle.  

Passimian is a black-and-white Pokémon resembling a powerfully built lemur with broad shoulders. Most of its fur is white, but it has a black muzzle, upper body, hands, feet and ankles, and tail. However, there is a wavy white ring near the tip of its tail. The fur around its head and face is longer and forms many small clumps, especially around the top of its head and under its chin. On top of its head is a pale green helmet similar to half of a coconut shell. The helmet has a small orange blaze on the front and two leaves that stand up straight attached to the back. Its eyes are partially hidden by its headwear, but its yellow sclerae and reddish-orange irises are visible. There are two oval, green markings or leaves on each shoulder and its chest. In each area, one marking is vertical and has a horizontal one below it. Passimian has humanoid hands and feet, and a long tail with a rounded tip. It is often seen carrying a large Berry that looks like a green coconut.

This Pokémon creates troops of 20 to 30 members. Each troop has a leader that picks 10 of the strongest members to search for food. The leader is also in charge of choosing the mark that distinguishes the troop and is worn on the member’s arms. This Pokémon’s battle strategy involves throwing Berries at opponents, hard ones for damage and soft ones to obscure vision, and confusing opponents by throwing the Berry to other troop members. Through rigorous training, the troop improves its coordination, teamwork, and skill in handling Berries. Some Passimian are unable to handle the intensity, and flee from the troop. In place of a troop leader, a captive Passimian looks to its Trainer for leadership. If its Trainer has poor form when throwing Poké Balls, it will refuse to obey.

Evolution Edit

Canon Edit

in generation VII

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