Patrick Star is the deuteragonist of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise and one of the major supporting characters of the Netflix Smash Bros. series. He is SpongeBob's best friend and major companion. Like other characters, his original Final Smash from Brawl changes in Universe.

Moveset Edit

Neutral B: Ice Cream Toss Edit

Patrick will throw ice cream. There are three chances of what the ice cream will do: freeze opponents, reverse an opponent's controls when it lands on his/her face, or become edible when it hits the ground.

Side B: Belly Punch Edit

This move is based off of the same attack Patrick does in SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. The longer this attack is charged, the stronger it is.

Up B: Cannonball Edit

Patrick will roll himself up into a ball as he jumps and creates waves. The higher Patrick is from heights, the longer the waves last and the bigger they are.

Down B: Squidward Drawing Edit

This move is taken from the SpongeBob Season 2 episode Frankendoodle, in which he draws a Squidward-like entity that comes to life and creeps people out. Any opponent who touches it will be attacked by random elemental effects from the drawing, until the drawing is erased out of existence.

Final Smash in Brawl: Rampaging Starfish Edit

In Brawl, when Patrick activates his Final Smash, he will begin going rampant and destroy anything in sight. He will be strong enough to pick up opponents and throw them. This Final Smash is based off of Patrick's mental breakdown from the SpongeBob Season 1 episode Valentine's Day.

Final Smash in Universe: Mr. Superawesomeness Edit

In Universe, when Patrick's Final Smash is activated, he will become Mr. Superawesomeness, his superhero form from the second SpongeBob movie, and summon a series of ice cream cones that will come flying at opponents like missiles. Chocolate ice cream will deal the most damage.

Personality Edit

Patrick is usually shown to be SpongeBob's best friend and major companion. He lives on Conch Street, like SpongeBob and Squidward. Patrick is generally ignorant, lazy, unmannerly and hungry almost all the time, as he attempts to eat any kind of food (ice cream being his favorite). He is also good-natured and loyal to his friends (especially SpongeBob). Despite being claimed to be a dumb character, he tells SpongeBob that he is aware of his random stupidity. Alongside Ed, Derpy Hooves, Homer Simpson and Heavy, he is claimed to be one of the most idiotic characters of all time. He is also a major member of Los no Bunnitans.

Appearance Edit

Patrick is a pink overweight starfish with red spots all over his body. He wears no shirt and green shorts with purple Hawaiian flowers.

Protagonist in... Edit

  • Netflix Smash Bros.: SpongeBob's Adventure (Patrick's Adventure mode)
  • Netflix Smash Bros.: SpongeBob's Adventure 2
  • Netflix Smash Bros.: The Desolation of Lord Boiyoing
  • The Netflix Smash Bros. Movie

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