Pichu Bros.: Meowth's Revenge
Pichu Bros Meowth's Revenge Box Art 2
Box Art (Bandai Revolution)
Developer Azumanga Interactive
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Platform Bandai Extreme
Bandai Revolution
Bandai CD
Bandai PocketTurbo Plus
Genre Platform
Modes 2 Players
Ratings E for Everyone

Pichu Bros.: Meowth's Revenge is an platforming action game featuring the Pichu Bros. from Pokemon developed by Azumanga Interactive, published by Bandai Namco Games, and co-published by Nintendo for the Bandai Extreme, Bandai Revolution, Bandai CD, and Bandai PocketTurbo Plus.

The game takes some elements from Pulseman for Sega Genesis, with the ability to use your thunder shock on wires in order to trigger up to hard to reach areas. The Bandai CD version uses complete animated cutscenes.


You can plays as one of the Pichu Bros. on 1P mode, or play 2P mode and have both Pichu Bros. play at the same time. Your attack is a thunder shock which will kill enemies, inflect damage on boss battles, and to trigger on wires. There are only 3 items in the game: a japanese donut which will refill your life, a Pichu orb which will give you and extra life and a continue, and a lightning orb which will make you invincible for a short time. In the Bandai Extreme version, you respond back to where you died, but the Revolution and PocketTurbo Plus versions takes you back from a checkpoint after you've died instead. However the Bandai CD version has both in each difficult that you play in the game, the easy mode uses the deaths from the Bandai Extreme version, and the normal and hard modes use the deaths from the Revolution and PocketTurbo versions.


The Pichu Bros. and their friends have a party, but then Meowth comes in and ruins the party. He tells every Pokemon in the city he will be the ruler of the city in his control. Now it's up to the Pichu Bros. to defeat Meowth. At the end of the game, Meowth runs away to return to Team Rocket, and the Pichu Bros. find Pikachu locked up in a cage. They free Pikachu and invited him to their party.


Each version of the game uses different music instruments:

  • The Bandai Extreme version uses music instruments from Sparkster, and Dynamite Headdy
  • The Bandai Revolution and PocketTurbo Plus versions uses music instruments from Kirby Super Stars, and Inspector Gadget.
  • The Bandai CD version uses actual music from the Pokemon anime series and video games.

Box ArtEdit

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