Pikachu (Video Game)
Pikachu VG Box Art
Box Art
Developer Compile
Azumanga Interactive
Publisher Nintendo
Bandai Namco Games
Platform Bandai PocketTurbo
Genre Action
Modes 1 Player
Ratings K-A for Kids to Adults

Pikachu is an action game based on the character of the same name from the Pokemon franchise developed by Compile and Azumanga Interactive, and Nintendo and Bandai Namco Games for the Bandai PocketTurbo.

The game is a hack of the Game Boy game Godzilla.


Meowth has kidnapped many of the Pokemon for Team Rocket. It is up to Pikachu to fight the Pokemon's attacks and solve their many puzzles, all while navigating a much larger maze.


Pikachu Gameplay


The game is a 2D side-scrolling video game where Pikachu can only walk around or climb ladders, vines or crystals. A prominent part of the game is his electric shock, the only attack he has, which is used to shock and destroy boulders, and to kill or push enemies. The main point of each room is to destroy all of the boulders, by pushing them against a wall and hitting it again. Once all of the boulders are gone, one or two arrow panels will appear somewhere in the room. Touching one will take Pikachu to the room in a large map corresponding to its direction. As levels are completed, the direction is revealed on the map for further use.

There are two power-ups; Kadabra's Spoon and an Electrode. Kadabra's Spoon stops all enemy movement for a short period of time. Electrode kills all enemies on-screen except for Haunter.


The game uses a password system to save. There are two variations; a four-character password and an eighteen-character password. Four-character passwords only saves the player's position on the map, while eighteen-character passwords saves the revealed map points. Neither of them saves extra lives or the player's score.


  • Psyduck: A slow moving enemy.
  • Cubone: One of Pikachu's main rivals, with a speed that is slightly slower than Pikachu's.
  • Metapod: A normally invincible enemy, that can only be defeated by a boulder, a spike pit, or a lightning bolt. He is also the slowest in movement.
  • Primate: A pig monkey Pokemon that normals a regular paced enemy, but once he is leveled with Pikachu, he will charge at a high speed, making him the fastest in the game.
  • Zubat: A bat Pokemon who flies after Pikachu, making it harder to avoid damage.
  • Haunter: A ghost Pokemon, After about two minutes, Haunter will appear. Having both invincibility and flight, it is very hard to make it past him. He can't be killed by anything. Haunter also flies in short bursts.

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