The Pirate is the Players All 1st Sniper Class. Not Zooming In Will Make It To A Close Range Master, But Zomming In will make it a Sniper.

Abbilities Edit

Abbility 1: Explosive Mine Thing (Drop A Mine)

Abbility 2: Relly Good Arrow Spam (Root yourself and spam arrows)

Abbility 3: Obsidian Sheild (Make A Sheild Out of Obsidian)

Description Edit

Close Range? Scurvy Arrow Shot! Long Range? Spy Arrow Shot! The Pirate Is A Hostage At All Ranges. Even tho he/she hates to be close to pepole...

Character Variants Edit

Name Health Close Range Weapon Long Range Weapon Variant Ammo Fire Alpha Avaivibility
Pirate 125 Scurvy Arrow Shot Spy Arrow Classic 14 Slow Possitive
Ice Pirate 125 Ice Block Blast Spy Snowflacke Shot Ice 12 N/A
Captain FlameProof 125 Close FNS Long FNS Fire 12 Possitive
Captain Stinky 125 Ultra Smell Long Smell Toxic 15 N/A
Captain Electro 125 Electro Charge Electro Longy Electric 25
Captain Sharkbeard 125 Snappy Shark Shark Laser Water 12
Fox Pirate 150 Pet Bite Fox Laser Refrence 20 Possitive
Concrete Pirate 200 Cannon Shot Extended-o-Cannon Armor 3 N/A
Mountain Pirate 100 Mountain Snipe Another Mountain Snipe Sniper 1

Trivia Edit

  • Captain FlameProof's FNS is short For Flint And Steel
  • The Pirate (The Archer) is the only character to be renamed from the announcement of the game at MineCon to the Pre-Alpha

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