Plants VS Zombies Real Life Warfare is a free game, free from ads, free from In App Purchases

PVZRLGW is a real life walk around world based game where you grow Feild Plants and get potted plants and fight zombies, you can switch to zombies and make feild zombies and bots.

Missions Edit

Each faction got missions and it's wise to do all of the season 1 missions before doing anything else

List over Season 1 Missions:

  • New gardener
  • Zombie horde
  • Stickers and Gardens
  • Garden Ops
  • Bosses
  • Herbal Assult
  • Gnome Bomb


The Map Edit

Zen Gardens Edit

Every road exept private roads will haveat least 1 Zen garden, in there you grow plants! When you get a new 'Feild Plant' you can make it ready for battle there

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