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Plants Vs Zombies: Operation Defend Suburbia is the 2nd game made by AntluntiumCrew.

Chapters Edit

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1: Zombosses Plans Edit

  1. Your House
  2. Agent Bunker
  3. Suburbia Song Contest
  4. The Lighthouse
  5. Dreamhack Suburbia
  6. Suburbia Supermarket
  7. Fixely School
  8. Pixel Cinema
  9.  ???
  10.  ???

Chapter 2: ??? Edit

Plants Edit

See PvzOds - Plants

Zombies Edit

See PvZOds - Zombies

Story Edit

See PvZ:Ods - Story

Achivements Edit

See PvZ:Ods - Achivements

Update History Edit

See PvZ:Ods - Update History

Soundtracks Edit

See PvZ:Ods - Soundtracks

Style Edit

  • Sun Is Worth 25 Again
  • The Map Is Like The Erlier Maps In PVZ2
    • Sidepaths Now Contains A Reward For Unlocking It, And For Compleating It
    • All Unlocked Plants Is Shown At The Lawn At The House In The Map
  • To Unlock Next World (Or Any World) You Need A Location Mark (Found In Gargantuar Level) And 21 Stars

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