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Pokémon Light Version
Pokémon Dark Version
Developer XY Games
Game Freak
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-playing game, Virtual Pet.
Modes 1 player
Ratings 1 player
Platforms Nintendo 3DS
Media Game Card
Downloadble Media

Pokémon Light and Dark Versions is the first Pokémon games of the Generation VII and it is going to be released to the Nintendo 3DS. Light and Darks focus is on the dimensions traveling and trainer interaction with their Pokémon, during the night, the player can go to the Dream World (Light) or Nightmare World (Dark), where the players will find different Pokémon in the same areas and also will the player will use the Pokémemory, which turns the Pokémon into Dreams or Nightmares, depending of the version.

It takes place on Nyeon (from the greek word "νέος" which means modern), a tropical continent located at south of Kalos, it is modeled after United States of America.



Dream/Nightmare WorldEdit

Version ExclusivesEdit


Event PokémonEdit

XY GamesEdit



Lv. 5
•Dex No. 650 Any nature. PokeType-Normal Tackle
•Type PokeType-Grass Professor Sycamore's Lab PokeType-Normal Growl
6503D •OT 000000 PokeType-Normal Vine Whip
•ID No. -----
•Item   •Ability
None   Overgrow



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