Pokémon Sega Version
With trainers like Sonic, Shadow, Aiai and Amigo, you'll be unstoppable!!!
Pokémon Capcom Version
Capcom's turn to come to fight with the Pokémon!!!
Developer XY Games

Game Freak

Publisher Nintendo
Genre RPG
Modes Single Player
Ratings Single Player
Platforms Nintendo Wii U
Media Downloadable Media (Wii U)
Pokémon Sega and Capcom Versions are the second Pokémon games of the Generation VII and it is going to be released for the Nintendo Wii U. During the day, players have the abillity to capture some Pokémon so they can battle, but during the night, they go to different stadiums to fight in the PokéTournament. The game takes place in Nyeon, which is placed the South of Kalos, North of Kanto, West of Johto and Unova and East of Sinnoh and Hoenn.

List of PokemonEdit

Normal PokemonEdit

  • Sega Version:
    • ​Sonic the Hedgehog:
      1. Meowth
      2. Persian
      3. Rattata
      4. Raticate
      5. Kangaskhan
      6. Eevee
      7. Snorlax
      8. Sentret
      9. Furret
      10. Furfrou
    • Amy Rose:
      1. Mincino
      2. Cinccino
      3. Porygon
      4. Porygon2
      5. Porygon-Z
      6. Zigzagoon
      7. Loudred
      8. Skitty
      9. Buneary
      10. Glameow

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