Pokémon Wind and Sand Versions are a pair of Pokémon fan games by AdamGregory03 (talk). Both games are released exclusively for the Wii U.


It is confirmed the gameplay will remain the same as most main series Pokémon games on handheld systems. In this installment, it is confirmed that your character will be able to jump, allowing them to climb up larger staircases. There are also supposed to be two new types of battles. One of these new types of battles is known as All-Out Battles, where the entire party is sent out to battle, though these are rare in the main game and only show up a couple of times.

It is also shown that each Pokémon will now have different animations for status effects. For example, when a Pokémon falls asleep, an animation shows it actually falling asleep with some laying down and others just standing up while they're body droops. And when the Pokémon wakes up, they are shown as if shocked, then return to the standard idle animation.


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New Moves & AbilitiesEdit

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Our story begins on the fifteenth birthday of our protagonist. He is a kid in the Nuzza Region growing up in Periwinkle Town. The protagonist walks downstairs, met with a surprise party. The protagonist's mother wishes him a happy birthday. The protagonist's friend then comes in with a birthday present from Professor Bonsai. Inside, the protagonist and friend get to choose between one of three Starer Pokémon: Bushill, Flariss, or Platipud. After the party, the two friends decide to have a "test battle". Afterwards, they arrive at Professor Bonsai's laboratory, where she offers them another Pokémon: a Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile, though it is completely optional.

Gym Leaders & Elite FourEdit

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