This game was inspired by AdamGregory03's game, Pokéfighters. So, this basically wasn't my idea at first. But, it was great to be inspired as now, I have a great idea to make a brand new game! :) Edit

- Ice Master Aka The Icicle Knight Edit

Pokemon Championship Fighters is a brand new fan-made fighting game. It is taking place in the Pokémon franchise. It will be released on the consoles, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

Gameplay Edit

The Gameplay is basically like the game series, Poképark. However, the characters will have better graphics, more moves and better animations. They can also move around instead of just going left and right. Each character also wields one of their abilities. They are great to use in battles. And there is also type advantages, making it either easier or harder in every battle.

Story Mode Edit

There is also a Story Mode where the player has to go on a quest to stop the evil Pokemon, Genesect from destroying the Pokémon world. There will also be some sections, where the Pokemon talk. Basically, this is another (harder) but more fun way to unlock locked Pokemons! If you would like to see all the chapter information, click here.

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