Pokémon Twilight Version
Pokémon Eclipse Version
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-playing game, Virtual Pet.
Modes 8 player
Ratings 8 player
Platforms Nintendo 3DS & New Nintendo 3DS
Media Game Card
Downloadble Media

Pokémon Twilight Version and Pokémon Eclipse Version is gen 6 the same along with Pokémon X, Y and Z.

Version ExclusivesEdit


New regionEdit

Tevalo is the New region where you start your new journey and you will met new pokemon and old pokemon along with for miler characters along with the new pokemon profess her name is Laura Wyatt she will informer you the new region and new pokemon.

You first of tell her who you are a boy or a girl, after you tell her who you are she will then ask you your name. when you have told her she will then welcome you to her region.

As you are still in bed you will be waking up by your mother telling you have visitors, your mother leaves you to get up and dressed and you then make your way over to your father, you childhood best friend Monica Finley, your friend from next door Alexander Wilson and your rival Dylan Hutchinson who have been told by your parents that you are to help the profess to find out more about mega-evolutions and two new types of pokemon twilight and eclipse pokemon.

New mascotsEdit

Old PokemonEdit

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