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Project Wrath Logo
Developer AdamGregory03
Platform Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Genre Fighting
Release October 2015
Modes Single-player, 1-2 player locally or online
Series 7 Deadly Sins Fighters
Successor Project Greed
Project Wrath is the first in the series of 7 Deadly Sins Fighters games by AdamGregory03.


See here.

In this game, characters build up Anger Attacks, this game's Super Moves. These moves build up like super meters in any other fighting game, just by landing hits and taking damage. The game also features highly destructible environments to use to your advantage, and doing so builds up your Anger Attack quicker.

Modes Exclusive to this GameEdit

Playable CharactersEdit

Image Character Description Anger Attack
Anger-inside-out Anger
Inside Out
He's one of the voices inside Riley's mind who is literally the embodiment of the emotion. Needless to say, Anger is commonly very grouchy and can literally be hot headed. He's the emotion behind you getting into a heated argument, or raging after faling to beat a level for the hundredth time. TBA
Red Lantern Atrocitus Atrocitus
DC Comics
Atrocitus is the head honcho of the Red Lantern Corps., who are like the Green Lanterns, only... angrier. His rage stems from the fact that his wife and daughter were killed by malfunctioned Manhunter robots. Now, he uses his rage to fuel his own Red Lantern ring, which makes him quite powerful. TBA
Donald-Duck-7 Donald Duck
Everyone knows Donald as one of Mickey Mouse's best friends, along with Goofy. And as such, everyone also knows how short tempered this fowl can be. One may not think that he would be able to survive the Tournament of Rage, but don't worry, because he's prepared... at least he thinks he is. TBA
The-Hulk Hulk
Marvel Comics
Bruce Banner was once a mild-mannered scientist before a tragic incident exposed him to gamma radiation. Because of this, whenever he becomes angered or excited, he transforms into the giant, green, and powerful monster of a man known as the incredible Hulk, also a member of the Avengers. TBA
Ruby - With Weapon Ruby
Steven Universe
Expecting Garnet? Well, because of Sapphire, she's a little too chill to participate in the Tournament of Rage. So she and Ruby agreed to separate and fuse immediately after she wins. Well, if she wins, that is. Ruby may only be half of Garnet, but she's an eternal flame that'll never burn out, baby! TBA

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Even though I do have a pre-determined roster planned out in my head, please, feel free to send in some suggestions for characters, because I'm sure I don't know all of the angriest characters.


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