Project X Zone Sky


Kuraun Palace


Project X Zone Sky

Previous Chapter:

Prologue 5: The Lost Kingdom

Next Chapter:

Chapter 2: Shinra Comes Back

Synopsis Edit

Sora Sekatsu and her bodyguard, Kettei Kimyona, are talking in the gardens of Sora's home, Kuraun Palace, when suddenly, a pink crystal falls out of the sky. Sora goes to retrieve it, but when she picks it up, the two of them are suddenly assaulted by monsters. Kettei immediately thinks the monsters came from Ouma; however, Sora explains that Shinra and Ouma disbanded long ago. Nevertheless, they get into battle with the monsters.

After the battle, Sora wonders what the Crystal is and where the monsters came from, and Kettei suggests finding old members of Shinra. Sora begrudgingly agrees, but not before reinforcing her claim that it's not Ouma that was behind the attack. Then, they leave Kuraun Palace.

Party Members Edit

Pair Units Edit

  • Sora & Kettei

Enemies Edit

  • Grim (x5)
  • Skull Ghost (x2)
  • Blood Skull Ghost (x1)

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