Puyo Pop: Colour Clash
Puyo Pop: Color Choque
Puyo Pop: Der Farbkampf
Puyo Pop: Choque de color
Puyo Pop: Lotta di Colore
No box art yet.
Developer Indigo Productions, Ltd.
Publisher Sega
Platform iOS, Android, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield
Samsung Galaxy Apps
Genre Puzzle-RPG
Release 2016
Modes 1-4 Players
Ratings Everyone
Media Digital Download
Series Puyo Puyo
Predecessor Puyo Puyo!! Quest (the game's ancestor)
 Puyo Pop: Colour Clash is a game that is a remade Puyo Puyo!! Quest.

Gameplay Edit


  • Arle Nadja (Voiced by Madelyn May)
  • Carbuncle (Voiced by Addison Holley)
  • Schezo Wegey (Voiced by Lyon Smith)
  • Amitie (Voiced by Melissa Altro)
  • Ringo (Voiced by Katie Griffin)
  • Rulue (Voiced by Alyson Court)
  • Raffina (Voiced by Bryn McAuley)
  • Maguro Sasaki (Voiced by Rob Tinkler)
  • Klug (Voiced by Lyon Smith)
  • Accord (Voiced by Catherine Disher)
  • Black Popoi (Voiced by Scott McCord)
  • Suketouada (Voiced by Rob Tinkler)
  • Witch (Voiced by Denise Oliver)
  • Sig (Voiced by Drew Davis)
  • Risukuma (Voiced by Ivan Sharry)
  • Draco (Voiced by Julie Lemieux)
  • Feli (Voiced by Alyson Court)
  • Lemres (Voiced by Gage Munroe)
  • Ecolo (Voiced by Rob Tinkler)
  • Satan (Voiced by Ryan Belleville)
  • Seriri (Voiced by Diane Salema)
  • Incubus (Voiced by Cory Doran)
  • Oniko On (Voiced by Diane Salema)
  • Onion Pixie (Voiced by David Berni)
  • Oshare Bones (Voiced by Juan Chioran)
  • Harpy (Voiced by Bryn McAuley)
  • Zoh Daimaoh (Voiced by Nicolas Cage)
  • Yu and Rei (Voiced by Steph Lynn Robinson and Samantha Reynolds)
  • Otomo (Voiced by Scott McCord)
  • Doppelganger Arle (Voiced by Diane Salema)
  • Nohoho (Voiced by Howard Jerome)
  • Lidelle (Voiced by Julissa Aguirre)
  • Ally (Voiced by Alyson Court)
  • Donguri Gaeru (Voiced by Mark Edwards)
  • Lagnus the Brave (Voiced by Scott McCord)
  • Nasu Grave (Voiced by David Berni)
  • Princess Salde (Voiced by Julie Lemieux)
  • Strange Klug (Voiced by Cory Doran)
  • Scylla (Voiced by Diane Salema)
  • Scorpion Man (Voiced by Rob Tinkler)
  • Mummy (Voiced by Rob Tinkler)
  • Tatutaru (Voiced by Andy Nyman)
  • Johnny (Voiced by Cory Doran)
  • Kodomo Dragon (Voiced by Julie Lemieux)
  • Hohow Bird (Voiced by TBA)
  • Banshee Trio (Voiced by Steph Lynn Robinson, Julie Lemieux and Stephany Seki)
  • Will-o-Wisp (Voiced by Cory Doran)
  • Skeleton-T (Voiced by David Berni)
  • Kikimora (Voiced by Bryn McAuley)

Trivia Edit

  • The Ocean Prince did not appear in the same game because it was too confusing for the Western audiences.

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