#773: Leaphrog Pyratle #775: Tutantoise

#774 Pyratle
Sand Turtle Pokémon
Type Ground
Abilities Shell Armor,
Sturdy (Hidden Ability)
PokéDex Colour Brown
Egg Group Field Egg Group,
Mineral Egg Group
Pyratle is a Ground-type Pokémon available in Pokémon Wind and Sand Versions.

It evolves into Tutantoise at level 32.


Pyratle takes the appearance of a small turtle with it's head tucked into it's shell. It's shell looks similar to that of pyramids found in Egypt. It is yellow, brown, red, and orange in color.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex EntriesEdit

Game LocationsEdit

Base StatsEdit

Type EffectivenessEdit

  • Damaged Normally By:
    • Bug
    • Dark
    • Dragon
    • Fairy
    • Fighting
    • Fire
    • Flying
    • Ghost
    • Ground
    • Psychic
    • Steel
  • 2x Weak To:
    • Grass
    • Ice
    • Water
  • 4X Weak To:
  • Resistant Against:
    • Poison
    • Rock
  • Immune To:
    • Electric


Bold moves indicate that the Pokémon gets STAB from the move.

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