Quillson - New Leaf
 There is beauty in everything.  
Gender Male
Personality Smug
Species Duck
Birthday December 22
Zodiac Sign Animal Crossing star sign symbol - Capricorn Capricorn
Initial phrase "ridukulous"
Initial clothes Tan Puffy Vest
Favourite song K.K. Groove
Debut Animal Crossing: New Leaf,
My Animal Crossing

Quillson (Japanese: タックン Takkun), known as Quilliam in the Prima strategy guide, is a smug duck villager from the Animal Crossing series. He could possibly be a reference to the Beach Boys, whose songs including surf themes (Quillson having a surfboard in his home could reference this), the song Surfin' USA specifically mentioning a "bushy blonde hairdo", which Quillson also has. His name could be a combination of quill (a bird feather) and Wilson, the last name of Brian Wilson, who was the lead vocalist and bass guitarist of the Beach Boys.


He has seafoam skin, a coral bill, and droopy eyelids. He also has blonde hair and freckles.


K.K. Groove Cover

Quillson's house contains a couple pieces of modern items including a bed and a sofa along with a dartboard, a surfboard, and two stereo systems among other furniture. He has a rare arowana on display, and K.K. Groove plays in his home.


Below is a brief description of the smug personality. For more information, click here.
Quillson has a smug personality, meaning he is a kind-hearted villager who acts very polite, and sometimes gentlemen like, to others. He will easily get along with other neighbours, as well as the player. Being a smug villager Quillson seems to be somewhat of a jock, yet still lazy and cranky when need be. Quillson falls asleep at 1 a.m. and will wake up at 8:30 a.m.


My Animal CrossingEdit

Quillson reappears as a villager in the Wii U installment of the Animal Crossing series, My Animal Crossing. In the game, Quillson acts as a walking, talking reference to the Beach Boys, and blatantly states that he used to be a member of the Dune Ducks band.

Quillson's favourite holiday is Thanksgiving. He claims that the Dune Ducks band was created through Thanksgiving and he now has fond memories of the holiday.

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